US President Barack Obama says the US will transfer two ships to the Philippine Navy as part of an effort to boost maritime security for the Southeast Asian nation.

The US has tried to boost security ties with the Philippines in a bid to check China’s territorial ambitions in disputed waters of the South China Sea.

Obama, in Manila for the APEC summit, says the U.S. will transfer a research vessel to help navigate territorial waters and a US Coast Guard cutter. He announced the transfer Tuesday after touring the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a Philippine Navy warship once owned by the US.

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Mark Turallo

Yay! I love the United States!! ?????

Assad Riaz


Daniel Marriott

Military aid

Assad Riaz

Another arm race in peaceful region!

UK Defence Journal

Peaceful? Are you joking?

Assad Riaz

Well , it was but I’m sure not anymore.

Alexander Smith

Since when West Philippine Sea/South China sea became peaceful?

Assad Riaz

Pardon me , is any war going on there ?

Curtis Ross

Nearly yea

Assad Riaz

Actually, problem with is with world powers. Like USA China and Russian . They just using small countries as scapegoat .

Sahil Sharma

Keep up the gud work…usa

Beltran Lumbre Israel

Thank you mr President Obama

Alexander Smith

Glad for US generosity, Hoping Philippine Govt will upgrade these ships to become more lethal

Robert Ley

There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to these donations.

Miguel Legaspi

Welcome v.o.a