Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is now underway for trials following a four-year refuelling and complex overhaul.

The four-day sea trails mark the USS Abraham Lincoln’s first time underway since early 2013. The ship spent its last days in the shipyard completing a five-day “fast cruise” according to the US Navy.

Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt, Lincoln’s executive officer said:

“We are looking forward to taking the ship out on the open water where we belong. I am honoured to serve with our crew. This dedicated and impressive group put an incredible amount of work into revitalising this ship.

We are grateful for their efforts and to our partners at Newport News Shipbuilding, and eagerly anticipate completing successful sea trials and returning to the fleet ready for tasking later this year.”

Rear Adm. Brian Antonio, program executive officer for aircraft carriers said:

“Our team has worked hard to get USS Abraham Lincoln ready to redeliver to the fleet.

She has undergone significant combat systems modernisation and will also be the first CVN capable of accommodating the F-35C Lightning II. This RCOH enabled the ship to meet future missions and continued service life requirements for many years to come.”

During the overhaul periof, more than 2.5 million man-hours of work were conducted aboard the ship, including refuelling the reactors, upgrading ship’s infrastructure and ‘modernising combat systems and air wing capabilities to increase combat effectiveness’.

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Mr Bell
Mr Bell
4 years ago

Great. What a ship, massively impressive.