Littoral combat ship USS Jackson has successfully fired a SeaRAM missile against an aerial drone, destroying the target.

The drone was simulating an anti-ship missile as part of a Combat System Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT) event to demonstrate the self-defence capability of the ship against an aerial target.

Cmdr. Patrick Keller, Jackson’s commanding officer said:

“I couldn’t be more proud of my crew and all the hard work we have put forth in preparing for and accomplishing the CSSQT events.

It’s been a long journey, with a lot of training, effort and dedication.

These events further demonstrate that my team is ready to fight and defend Jackson, and that our ship is ready when called. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

In a statement to the press, the US Navy said:

“CSSQT events are designed to test the ship’s ability to track and disable high-speed maneuvering surface targets and defeat long range anti-shipping air threats.

Planned and coordinated by the LCS Shipbuilding Program Office, the CSSQT included firing exercises using the 57mm gun against a fast attack craft. Jackson’s crew, along with personnel from Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division, completed each scenario successfully and exercised Jackson’s combat systems suite.”



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