WATCH: 40 warships and submarines sail in close formation


RIMPAC, the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, is the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise. RIMPAC is held biennially during June and July of even-numbered years from Honolulu, Hawaii.

It is hosted and administered by the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet, headquartered at Pearl Harbor, in conjunction with the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, and Hawaii National Guard forces under the control of the Governor of Hawaii.

The US invites military forces from the Pacific Rim and beyond to participate. With RIMPAC the United States Pacific Command seeks to enhance interoperability between Pacific Rim armed forces, ostensibly as a means of promoting stability in the region to the benefit of all participating nations. Described by the US Navy as a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain the cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s oceans.

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Thomas Scott Hill

So what did we send?

Hi Thomas, the UK didn’t send any assets.

Harry Eaton

We sent a box of chocolates.

In that formation you can see the former Type-23 Frigate HMS “Norfolk”, now the Chilean Navy FF-05 “Cochrane”

Lovely to see but she should still be in RN service – no thanks to Mr Brown!

It was Mr. Blair who sold to us the frigates in 2005

Still looking good.

Brian Mooney

I so wish that was just one battle fleet of ours

Nicholas Roach

Don’t cry for me Argentina!