WATCH: Drone footage shows the departure of behemoth HMS Queen Elizabeth


Aerial footage filmed by a camera drone shows the sheer scale of HMS Queen Elizabeth as she left Rosyth Dockyard and went to sea for the first time.

Video provided courtesy of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance and BAE Systems.

Admiral Sir Philip Jones First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff said:

“This is a hugely significant moment for the Royal Navy, for all our Armed Forces and for our island nation. Once in service HMS Queen Elizabeth will be the largest aircraft carrier in the world outside the United States, and the first designed from the outset to operate a fifth generation aircraft.

Already this ship represents the best of the UK’s industrial and engineering expertise, and once in service she will symbolise our military power and authority in the world for decades to come. There is still much work to do between now and then, but be in no doubt: a new era of British maritime power is about to begin.”

The sea trials will monitor speed, manoeuvrability, power and propulsion as well as undertaking weapons trials and additional tests on her levels of readiness.

Following this initial period, HMS Queen Elizabeth will return to Rosyth for further testing and maintenance before heading back to sea for a second stage which aims to test her Mission Systems. She will transit to her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base to be handed over to the Royal Navy later this year.

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What a fantastic looking ship!

Can’t wait to see this asset in action. Come on TV land – commission a TV series on the new carrier?

Robert blay

That looks absolutely brilliant, feel so proud


Wow, what a monster, has a look of intent about her, simply awesome! Well done all we are back in the big, scratch that, we are now in the Super Carrier game!

David Featch

Lets build a 3rd now too.


I admire the enthusiasm.

I’m however predicting that the Prince of Wales will be sold off or mothballed.


Possibly, only if the labour get into power. The RN may apply the same policy as the Albion/Bulwark principle, of one on one off? If this is adopted, it will be at least five years before HMS Prince Charles is fully operable, by which time, the QE will need a minor refit period. Hopefully, such an arrangement would still allow for say, a four week turnaround if both ships were urgently required.


Totally agree with Robert.. Simply amazing !!!

Not navy yet

A 3rd would be ace as a replacement for ocean to properly fill the Gap left by her instead of trying to use POW. With a permanent littoral movement package a stern ram space for landing craft and mexefloat etc. Along with a dedicated anti submarine capeability similar to Ocean. Incorporating Capats 4 towed array sonar. While using the large spare amount of bunks for more troops rather than the large air group needed for the F35s etc.

P tattersall

The 2nd ship is going to be part UK Part USA planes on board

Nick Bowman

Great to see. Thanks for posting the video.

S maltby

3bn for 50 years service is nothing. The future of defence and humanitarian missions, is right there. Tt he government should spend more on the prince of wales !

Mr Bell

Excellent ship, great footage that helps the viewer appreciate the sheer size of this ship.
well done uk defence journal for loading up such high quality footage.


Odd? She was due to sail down the Forth at low tide yesterday, but if I’m not mistaken she’s still off the dock yard? The weather is stormy looking at the dock yard webcam. May be she’s going at low tide today?


I was wrong in my observations, she went out late last night.


Ah another genius with the attitude of nothing will ever happen to us, its big whit elephants like this that kept you and you parents ass from doing the goose step. Left wing mong.

I can tell you all that until you actually stand on the ship you will never grasp how huge she really is, ive have worked on the contract building her, she been but right outside my office. I’ve walked past her every day and think wow looking up at her but when you stand on her deck OMG!!! …. way bigger than you could ever imagine from ground or air!! She is an amazing piece of engineering and I’m proud to have been part of this 🙂