WATCH: How will the Type 26 Frigate operate?


Watch as BAE Systems guide the viewer through the Type 26 Frigate, which will replace most of the Type 23 Frigates as the workhorse of the fleet.

According to BAE, the vessel will be a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence and general purpose operations anywhere on the world’s oceans.

Despite alarming headlines, the Type 26 frigates have not been cancelled or “indefinitely postponed”.

MPs had heard claims the project to build eight Type 26 frigates on the Clyde had been delayed due to the Ministry of Defence’s attempts to save money. It is understood the five Type 31 frigates are unaffected by this.

Manufacturing of the Type 26s was initially expected to start in 2016, confirmation of when the work will begin has still to be announced but we’re told that it’s anticipated that the steel will be cut for the first Type 26 in Q4 of 2017.

Peter Roberts, Senior Research Fellow for Sea Power and Maritime Studies at RUSI has said that slippage in the Type 26 programme may lead to extra ships being built on the Clyde in order to retain jobs at the yards on the river.

“What it’s going to mean for the Clyde is very significant and I think we couldn’t get a national shipbuilding strategy at a more important time and it might well be that we see further OPV’s being turned out on the Clyde”

He also suggested that the Type 31 light frigate could enter build before the Type 26.

The original plan for the class had been 8 anti-submarine warfare variants and five general purpose variants, this remains largely unchanged except for the specification of the later five vessels, which has been reduced to make them more affordable.

The later five are now designated the Type 31 frigate.

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5 years ago

OK, we’ve seen the video, now let’s get some hulls in the water!

5 years ago

how about going to Boeing and getting some combat littoral ships the americans are exporting, and let’s face it, the american’s would sell it us given half the chance

Lone Warrior
Lone Warrior
5 years ago

Cameron gone now so maybe we might just cut the 12 billion in foreign aid every year and build ourselves a capable navy again . It’s time to decide do we build trains likeHS2 or have fully capable armed forces with Modern equipment like EMALS and rail guns . A self defence systems for the carriers . Sea ceptor ect . And perhaps a bit of Cobham/Dorchester armor plating on the multibillion carriers . Or do we leave em like a big oil tanker with no self defence . 6 destroyers can’t be everywhere . Time to build some propper… Read more »