WATCH: A day in the life of a weapons engineer on a Royal Navy frigate


A short video highlighting an element of a weapons engineers day on HMS Sutherland.

This video is provided courtesy of the Ministry of Defence and remains Crown Copyright.

The Royal Navy say on their website that being an Engineering Technician (Weapons Engineer) means taking responsibility for the serviceability, readiness and accuracy of systems ‘that make a Royal Navy Ship a warship’.

“You will be keeping advanced electronic systems, communications, information systems and weapons ready for action anywhere in the world.”

HMS Sutherland was the first vessel assigned to escort HMS Queen Elizabeth when she embarked on sea trials in June 2017.

In 2018 Sutherland had a deployment to the Pacific Ocean. Part of her mission is “to continue the pressure campaign on North Korea”, and on her return will travelled through the South China Sea to assert navigation rights against Chinese claims.

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Seems like an easy old number nowadays.

David Taylor

No Mark 8 Mod 0.

The main function of the old gun was to give them something to do. Now the hydraulics and other horrors have gone well…..

Do you know there are some who think the gun was there for actually shooting at stuff? Cor blimely that is like dangerous. 🙂


It still has some Hydraulics on it ….its not completely pinkie.
Although now that there are no oil leaks you cannot hide the rust on the deck.

Ian S

Short day.


“A day in the life of a weapons engineer on a Royal Navy frigate”
No comments about WE’s being in their pit or watching DVDs in the mess whilst being “on call”
I am disappointed.