The US Marine Corps Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons ‘Integrated Test Force’ has completed airborne gunfire testing for the F-35B.

The GAU-22/A is a four-barrel gun designed for use on the F-35. The CTOL version of the aircraft will carry the gun internally, while the STOVL and CV versions use it as an external podded gun. The GAU-22/A has a rate of fire of 3,300 rounds per minute and an improved accuracy of 1.4 milliradians as compared to the GAU-12.

The Royal Air Force and Royal Navy plan to operate 138 F-35B aircraft. Their training will take place at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina, where British pilots and maintainers will be embedded with the US Marine Corps and their fleet of F-35Bs.

This joint approach to getting the aircraft ready was very clear with recent F-35 trials aboard the USS Wasp, with much of the data produced being used to inform not only the USMC’s declaration of initial operating capability but also the British effort.

UK personnel were fully embedded in the USS Wasp trials and will use the data gathered from this event, future trials and operational deployments to support the UK’s flying trials aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2018.

Co-operation doesn’t just extend to training, plans for frequent deployment of American F-35 aircraft alongside British jets aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth have been confirmed by British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and are expected to significantly boost the capabilities of the UK’s new carriers.

It is expected that the UK will build a front-line fleet of four F-35 squadrons with each squadron having 12 jets. A fifth unit, an operational conversion unit, will also operate 12 aircraft.

WATCH the gunpod firing below.


In 2015, the UK government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review confirmed a planned order of 138 F-35s, with 23 of them to be available for carrier duties by 2023.

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Rod (@guest_372776)
7 years ago

No way to aim it yet……but it makes a nice noise… Can’t do much for the stealth profile….

Mr Bell
Mr Bell (@guest_373295)
7 years ago

More interesting is the fact the RAF air commodore has said the UK force structure will be just 4 frontline squadrons of 48 F35bs with an OCU squadron. So a total available force of just 48. Not exactly going to overwhelm anyone or even provide enough jets for both carriers to operate at same time.
Another example of UK high end equipment but inadequate numbers.

Dennis R
Dennis R (@guest_378417)
6 years ago

Can’t say I like the idea of” fly and fight by wire.”
But I suppose it’s progress