Red Arrows’ Dye Team undergoes smoke pod maintenance

Corporal Fellows and Senior Aircraftman Technician Broadbent explains what happens to the Red Arrows dye pods during winter maintenance.

British drone strikes Islamic State convoy

RAF drones provided close air support to the Kurdish offensive around Sinjar city on the 12th of November, as well as to Iraqi operations in Ramadi.

WATCH: RAF Tornado strikes Islamic State position

Tornado GR4s from RAF Akrotiri were able, despite bad weather, to use Paveway IV guided bombs against Islamic State fortified positions.

Update: British air strikes in Iraq

The RAF has been playing a full part in coalition reconnaissance and strike missions to provide effective air support to Iraqi ground forces.

Norwegian missile nearing F-35 integration

Kongsberg has completed testing of its Joint Strike Missile in the US, with the missile designed to fit inside Norway’s future F-35A Joint Strike Fighters.

Typhoon releases Storm Shadow for the first time

A Typhoon jet has successfully completed a release of a Storm Shadow stand-off cruise missile.

Argentina now unable to afford new jets, purchase suspended

Argentine defence minister Agustin Rossi has announced that negotiations for new jets are under way, but will be left to the next government to purchase.

WATCH: Taranis stealth drone flight footage

Taranis, a British stealth aircraft, is filmed during its initial flight trials. It's the most advanced aircraft ever built in the UK.

Argentina to purchase 14 Kfir fighter jets

Argentina will purchase upgraded Kfir combat jets from Israel, however most analysts consider them largely obsolete and no threat to the Falkland Islands.

WATCH: Simulated F-35 landings on HMS Queen Elizabeth

Rolling landings will enable the F-35B to land on the carriers with an increased weapon and fuel load.



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