Typhoon to get Storm Shadow, Meteor in 2018

According to Philip Dunne, Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Typhoon is to receive Storm Shadow and Meteor in 2018.

Prime Minister to get aircraft for official trips

The use of an RAF Voyager aircraft is expected to save about £775,000 per year as the plane will be cheaper than chartering flights.

RAF ‘would make a difference’ in Syria – Lord Richards

Lord Richards, former chief of the defence staff, said UK involvement in Syria could help give the campaign "oomph".

WATCH: 25 Russian heavy bombers strike Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defence have announced that 25 long-range bombers took part in a raid in Syria, they have also released a video showing the attack.

HMS Ocean to operate MV-22 Osprey’s during joint training

For the next few weeks, three MV-22 Ospreys will operate from the deck of HMS Ocean as the US Marine Corps carry out joint...

RAF Scampton to host air shows starting in 2017

A Government minister has written to a Lincolnshire MP to confirm that RAF Scampton could host the county's air show as early as 2017.

Two Tornado jets almost crash after taking off from Norfolk

Two Tornado pilots narrowly avoided crashing into each other in bad weather, a report has revealed.

Crack discovered on F-35C test jet wing spar

Inspectors have found a small crack in one of the wing spars of an F-35C carrier variant test aircraft, according to the Joint Program Office.

Red Arrows’ Dye Team undergoes smoke pod maintenance

Corporal Fellows and Senior Aircraftman Technician Broadbent explains what happens to the Red Arrows dye pods during winter maintenance.

British drone strikes Islamic State convoy

RAF drones provided close air support to the Kurdish offensive around Sinjar city on the 12th of November, as well as to Iraqi operations in Ramadi.



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