Potential MoD cuts places British role as a Global Power in doubt

There are planned defence cuts which may see the British Army shrink even further from the 82,000 regular personnel it currently has.

The need for a new ‘budget’ helicopter carrier

The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil for £84 million marks the day in which British maritime capabilities are changing, do we require a new 'budget' helicopter carrier?

Should we be concerned about the leak found on HMS Queen Elizabeth?

Issues like this occur often on vessels of all types, especially during a phase of their life designed to identify and rectify faults. This is not a serious concern.

The UK needs a new Strategic Defence and Security Review

While it is the case that Britain only had a Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2015 circumstances have clearly changed.

Why Britain needs to build a fleet of ‘budget frigates’

The construction of more affordable and hopefully more exportable 'budget frigates' could help revitalise the British shipbuilding industry.

Why Britain needs the Albion class landing platform docks

With the speculation surrounding the future of the Albion class many have been asking, do we really need them?

The fall of Singapore: An avoidable catastrophe?

The Fall of Singapore represented the collapse of British influence in South East Asia, and severely diminished the British Empire's Asia-Pacific clout.

The Rise of China: Will it lead to a security dilemma in the Asia-Pacific?

The rise of China as an emerging military power is obvious to anyone who is a student or follower of international security.

Why Britain needs aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers have since replaced the battleship as the capital ships of the modern navy but with the advent of anti-ship missiles and ever more advanced submarines, what is the future of the aircraft carrier and why does Britain need them?

Yemen: A Regional Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Saudi-led intervention in Yemen is based on the perceived growing threat of Iranian influence in the region and has the potential of dragging other states into this new Cold War.



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