Indian Navy almost cause major disaster for thousands of flyers

The Indian Navy have conducted missile based exercises in the Arabian Sea despite airspace over the area remaining open for civilian flights.

US to operate ‘wherever’ law allows in South China Sea

The US military will continue to operate "wherever" international law allows in the South China Sea, a US admiral has said.

NATO strike kills 2 Pakistani insurgents

It has been reported that NATO drone strikes have killed two Pakistani insurgents last night in Kunar province.

China: Minor incident could spark war in South China Sea

China's naval commander told his US counterpart that a minor incident could spark war in the South China Sea.

Nigeria rescues 338 Boko Haram captives

Nigerian troops have rescued 338 captives from Boko Haram camps in a north-eastern forest, the Nigerian military claim.

Pakistan acquires junked, 50 year old trainer T37s for free

Pakistan has signed a government to government deal to acquire 34 Cessna Tweet T37 trainer aircraft free of cost from Turkey.

Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian attacker in Hebron

A Palestinian who stabbed an Israeli soldier has been shot dead by security forces, Israeli authorities said, as a five-week wave of violence continued.

Russian aircraft near USS Ronald Reagan prompts scramble

Two Russian reconnaissance aircraft flew within one mile of the USS Ronald Reagan, prompting the aircraft carrier to scramble its jets.

UK to contribute defence assets to boost security in Malta

According to a recent MoD press release, the UK will contribute defence assets to support Maltese security operations.

2,000 Iranian troops now in Syria

Thousands of Iranian troops are in Syria, fighting for the Syrian government.



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