Three French soldiers killed in Libya

They are the first confirmed Western military casualties since it became known that special forces were operating on the ground in Libya earlier this year.

Russia has made an incredible claim about its Syria campaign

Russia's Colonel General Viktor Bondarev has astonishingly claimed "not a single bombing raid missed the target".

Turkey denies claims 14 warships ‘unaccounted for’

Turkey has denied claims that 14 Turkish ships are at sea and unaccounted for amid reports their commanders were conspirators in a failed coup.

Ukrainian journalist killed in car bombing in Kiev

Prominent Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sheremet of the Ukrayinska Pravda is killed in a car bombing in Kiev.

US airstrikes kill more than 50 civilians

A Human rights group claims US airstrikes on the Islamic State-held city of Manbij in Syria may have killed at least 56 civilians, including 11 children.

Islamic State claim responsibility for German train attack

Islamic State have claimed responsibility for a knife and axe attack by a 17-year-old Afghan refugee on a train in Germany.

North Korea fires three ballistic missiles

North Korea fired three ballistic missiles off its eastern coast on Tuesday morning.

Rogue Turkish warships missing since coup

Fourteen Turkish warships are still unaccounted for, their commanders suspected to be among the plotters who sought to overthrow President Erdogan.

UK Government comment on Turkish military coup

A COBR meeting was held to discuss the Turkish military coup and the current work to support British nationals in the country.

NATO demands Russia withdraw from Ukraine

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has demanded that Russia withdraw its forces and military hardware from Ukraine. Stoltenberg said after a meeting of NATO defence ministers with their Ukrainian counterpart in Brussels on Wednesday. "Russia needs to stop supporting the militants and withdraw its forces and military equipment from Ukrainian territory." He said the alliance would continue to stand by the government in...



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