Australia rejects US request for greater assistance against IS

It is understood that Australia doesn't have the resources in terms of available aircraft and pilots to increase their contribution.

Australia to convert business jets into surveillance aircraft


Australia has confirmed a project to convert two private jets into surveillance aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force. Shortly after Christmas, the United States entered into a "Foreign Military Sales arrangement" with Australia to modify two Gulfstream G550 business jets, into surveillance aircraft. This is somewhat similar to what the United Kingdom done with Sentinel, itself a converted business jet. The Gulfstream...

Experts doubt North Korean weapon was Hydrogen bomb

Doubt has been cast over claim North Korean nuclear device was Hydrogen bomb. North Korean media claimed that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, which was speculated to have existed the month before the test was carried out. The United States Geological Service reported a 5.1 magnitude earthquake from the location, the China Earthquake Networks Centre reported the magnitude as...

North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb

North Korea has announced that it had conducted an underground nuclear test at its Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site.

Argentine warship Santisima Trinidad re-floated

The destroyer has been re-floated in port after three years underwater.

US Carrier Battle Group nears Persian Gulf


The USS Harry S. Truman’s arrival will end a gap where the US did not have an aircraft carrier in the Gulf. The supercarrier is due to arrive in the Persian Gulf around Christmas where it will begin striking Islamic State. The USS Harry S. Truman and its carrier strike group will join the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle in the...

Russian cruise missile crashes into Russian village

russian cruise missile

A Russian cruise missile has hit a remote village in the north of the country after going off course during a test flight.

Chinese Naval vessels arrive in Hawaii

Chinese Naval vessels have arrived in Hawaii for a five-day visit.

Should Britain conduct air strikes in Syria?

What do you think? Should Britain extend its bombing campaign in Iraq to Syria? Let us know.

German cabinet approves action against Islamic State

The German cabinet has backed plans for military support in the fight against Islamic State militants in Syria.



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