First Israeli F-35 Squadron takes shape

The Israeli Air Force have established a new squadron for its F-35 aircraft, designated "Adir" in Israel.

Russia builds huge Arctic military base

Russia has announced it has built a military base capable of hosting strategic bombers in the northern Arctic.

Canada to withdraw jets from Syria and Iraq

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has today confirmed he will withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the campaign against Islamic State.

Saudi Arabia to purchase Littoral Combat Ships

The Pentagon has notified Congress of a planned sale of four littoral combat ships to Saudi Arabia $11.25 billion.

Israeli soldiers attacked in Hebron, attackers killed

Two attackers with knives have attempted to stab Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron this evening.

Russian air strikes in Syria kill 45, including rebel commander

Russian air strikes in Syria have killed 45 people including a rebel commander in Latakia province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported today.

Iraq repels Islamic State onslaught

Iraq has announced that its security forces have managed to repel a suicide attack by the Islamic State militants north of Ramadi.

Turkey shoots down aircraft on Syrian border

Turkey have shot down a drone on their border with Syria.

India to test subsonic cruise missile

India will today conduct a test firing of Nirbhay, their first indigenous cruise missile.

Syrian troops launch offensive in Homs under Russian cover

Syrian state media is reporting that government forces have launched an offensive in the central province of Homs under the cover of Russian airstrikes.



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