Pakistan acquires junked, 50 year old trainer T37s for free

Pakistan has signed a government to government deal to acquire 34 Cessna Tweet T37 trainer aircraft free of cost from Turkey.

Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian attacker in Hebron

A Palestinian who stabbed an Israeli soldier has been shot dead by security forces, Israeli authorities said, as a five-week wave of violence continued.

Russian aircraft near USS Ronald Reagan prompts scramble

Two Russian reconnaissance aircraft flew within one mile of the USS Ronald Reagan, prompting the aircraft carrier to scramble its jets.

UK to contribute defence assets to boost security in Malta

According to a recent MoD press release, the UK will contribute defence assets to support Maltese security operations.

2,000 Iranian troops now in Syria

Thousands of Iranian troops are in Syria, fighting for the Syrian government.

Libyan helicopter shot down

A Libyan military helicopter was reportedly shot down this week.

US to step up fight against Islamic State

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has indicated an increase in US military action in the Middle East against Islamic State.

US warship defies China, sails close to Chinese artificial island

A US Navy destroyer has sailed close to artificial islands built by China in the disputed waters of the South China Sea in defiance of China.

Russia conducts exercise as carrier allegedly to sail to Syria

Russian naval forces have conducted exercises in the Barents Sea amid speculation that their only aircraft carrier could be preparing to travel to Syria.

US blocks South Korean jet export to Uzbekistan

The US government has blocked South Korea from exporting $400 million worth of indigenous supersonic training jets to Uzbekistan.



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