Argentina to purchase 14 Kfir fighter jets

Argentina will purchase upgraded Kfir combat jets from Israel, however most analysts consider them largely obsolete and no threat to the Falkland Islands.

Mystery light over Calfornia was Trident missile

A missile test off the Californian coast sparked frenzy on social media and spooked residents who believed they had just seen a UFO.

India tests new nuclear ballistic missile

India has test fired its nuclear-capable strategic ballistic missile Agni-IV.

France to deploy aircraft carrier to Gulf

France will deploy its only aircraft carrier to assist in the fight against the Islamic State.

Afghanistan turns to India for attack helicopters

Afghanistan is poised to acquire four attack helicopters from India to help it fight the growing insurgency local media reports.

South Korean navy visit Portsmouth

Hundreds of South Korean sailors have arrived in Portsmouth on board two naval vessels to start a four day visit to the UK.

US approves sale of Hellfire missiles to France

The US Department of State sanctioned the sale of 200 Hellfire missiles to France.

Did Islamic State shoot down a Russian airliner?

Fuelling speculation that the crashed Russian airliner in Egypt was shot down, Islamic State have released a video purporting to show them shooting it down.

Indian Navy almost cause major disaster for thousands of flyers

The Indian Navy have conducted missile based exercises in the Arabian Sea despite airspace over the area remaining open for civilian flights.

US to operate ‘wherever’ law allows in South China Sea

The US military will continue to operate "wherever" international law allows in the South China Sea, a US admiral has said.



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