Turkish tanks and combat vehicles enter Syria

Turkey's state-run news agency says Turkish tanks have crossed into Syria as part of a military operation to free a border town held by Islamic State.
Challenger 2 at Dusk

Rheinmetall bids to upgrade Challenger 2 tank fleet

Rheinmetall has submitted a bid to upgrade the capabilities of the Challenger 2 tank fleet in response to the Challenger 2 Life Extension Project.

Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems bid for Challenger 2 tank upgrades

Lockheed Martin is to bid for the contract to upgrade the British Army's Challenger 2 tanks, in collaboration with Elbit Systems.

Pictures show British special forces in Syria for first time

The BBC have obtained photos of British special forces operating in Syria, defending a rebel base under attack by Islamic State.

Leuchars base to ‘expand’ says Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said that £8 million is being invested in new facilities at the Leuchars base.

British Armed Forces tackle security threats in Africa

The UK is playing a substantial role in tackling security threats across Africa, with deployments in Nigeria and Somalia.

NATO capability enhancement training continues in Estonia

In a change from its usual role, providing air defence to the Falkland Islands, the British Army’s 16th Regiment Royal Artillery have deployed to...

UK-led high-readiness force trains in inaugural exercise

British military personnel have taken part in the first ever exercise to train a UK-led high-readiness joint force.

UK hosts international peacekeeping exercise

Soldiers from 1st Battalion The Rifles joined US troops to host a multinational peacekeeping exercise, Steppe Eagle, on UK soil for the first time.

Soldier dies on training exercise in Brecon Beacons

An infantry soldier in the Rifles Regiment was on a pre-training course in the Brecon Beacons when he died, according to an Army spokesperson.



Other News

NATO fleet switches command ships in Mediterranean

Commander, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Sciretta, transferred command from the USS Forrest Sherman to ESPS Almirante Juan De Borbon in a demonstration of the task group's interoperability.