Scottish First Ministers shipbuilding claims disproven by the shipbuilders themselves

Alex Salmond has amazingly given a guarantee that shipbuilding will continue in Scotland, despite the UK Government, Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy and BAE...

Royal Navy to assist in search for flight MH370

It was reported today that the Royal Navy is sending HMS Echo. The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the UK is sending...

New British patrol vessels contract signed, design shown

It was announced in November that the MoD would purchase three patrol ships which will be built by BAE Systems on the Clyde. The...
Challenger 2 at Dusk

First edition of UK Defence Journal out now!

The first edition of the UK Defence Journal has now been released, it has articles from all aspects of the military from tanks to...

The Queen to launch HMS Queen Elizabeth supercarrier on July 4th

Queen Elizabeth will launch the Royal Navy supercarrier, the 70,600 tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth, in Scotland on July the 4th. HMS Queen Elizabeth, being built...
HMS Ocean being launched in Govan

Deputy First Minister of Scotland challenged over shipbuilding claims

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was criticised by trade union members and the defence industry for suggesting that Britain’s new warships, Type 26...



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