HMS Diamond shows off firepower in missile test off Scottish coast

Watch as Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond tests her Sea Viper missile system off the coast of Scotland.

WATCH: Simulation shows first sailing of HMS Queen Elizabeth from Rosyth

Watch as a simulation shows how the small fleet of tugs will take HMS Queen Queen Elizabeth to sea.

WATCH: British forces disembark MV Hurst Point in Greek port

Footage shows MV Hurst Point arriving with British Forces at Alexandroupolis Port in Greece to take part in NATO exercise Noble Jump.

WATCH: Russian warship and submarine fire cruise missiles at Islamic State

Footage shows the frigate Admiral Essen and submarine Krasnodar carry out four strikes against Islamic State.

WATCH: British troops land in Greece to take part in NATO...

Footage shows British troops from the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade and the 11th Infantry Brigade departing the UK and arriving in Greece for a NATO exercise.

WATCH: Royal Air Force conduct flypast over NATO headquarters in Brussels

A Royal Air Force A400M Atlas and two Typhoon aircraft have taken part in a Flypast over NATO HQ in Brussels.

F-35B airborne gun testing run complete

The US Marine Corps Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons 'Integrated Test Force' has completed airborne gunfire testing for the F-35B.

WATCH: Navy shadows Russian submarine

Watch as HMS Somerset shadows a Russian submarine as it passed through the English Channel.

WATCH: Simulation shows pair of F-35 jets landing on new carrier

Royal Navy and RAF personnel use a simulator test the new F-35 ahead of flight trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth next year.

WATCH: Launch of nuclear submarine HMS Audacious

Watch as HMS Audacious, the fourth Astute class submarine, rolls out of the Devonshire Dock Hall in Barrow-in-Furness and enters the water for the first time.



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