Weekly Briefing – 14th of April 2019

The UK Defence Journal weekly briefing for the week ending 14th of April, 2019.

Weekly Briefing – 7th of April 2019

The UK Defence Journal weekly briefing for the week ending 7th of April, 2019.

WATCH: Jet pack used to complete Royal Marines assault course

Ex-Royal Marines Reservist Richard Browning flew a 1000bhp jet pack suit around the Royal Marines assault course at the Commando Training Centre in Devon.

WATCH: First F-35 jet lands on HMS Queen Elizabeth

Video shows F-35 jets landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth off the US coast.

WATCH: 40 Commando training on HMS Albion

Charlie Company, 40 Commando conducted CQB (Close Quarter Battle) training in the well dock of HMS Albion in the Far East recently.

WATCH: Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Troop deploy

HADR Tp (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Troop) deployed ashore from RFA Mounts Bay to Martinique for Ex WATERLOO SUNSET.

WATCH: HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Florida

Watch as HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Mayport, Florida earlier in the week having completed her first trans-Atlantic voyage.

WATCH: F-35B in action

Footage of the F-35B in action at sea with the United States Marine Corps, nothing more nothing less. Enjoy.

WATCH: A day in the life of a weapons engineer on...

A short video highlighting an element of a weapons engineers day on HMS Sutherland.

HMS Monmouth practices firing her gun as she escorts HMS Queen...

HMS Monmouth has been practising firing her main 4.5 inch gun as she escorts HMS Queen Elizabeth to the United States.



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