A number of posts on Facebook and Twitter have went viral (pun intended), all of them share the same misleading image.

Here are some examples below, what’s wrong with the imagery?

Tweets like this are everywhere.
Even verified accounts are sharing this.

A few points on this.

1. That’s not the English flag, it’s a medical symbol (the Red Cross).
2. The British Army don’t operate those vehicles.
3. That’s the wrong side of the road for the UK.

Don’t let yourself fall for misinformation, always check what you share.

What are the military ACTUALLY doing?

The Ministry of Defence have also announced further preparation to support public services if required:

  • up to 10,000 personnel will be placed at a higher readiness, so they are able to assist with supporting public services. This is on top of the 10,000 already held at higher readiness.
  • 150 military personnel will be trained to drive oxygen tankers in order to support the NHS if required. They will begin training on Monday.
  • measures have been taken to enable the call out of Reservists, should they be required to join the response effort
  • scientists from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) are supporting Public Health England’s effort to understand the virus and tackle the spread.

In addition, the Armed Forces are on standby to assist with civil emergencies and the MoD are deploying nurses, surgeons and other healthcare trained personnel to assist where required.

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The deluded generation.

Nick C

It’s fascinating to see how many people can’t tell their left from their right. They don’t even look like land rovers.

We know

There is footage that is clearly in south London with a Mac Donald’s and a Poundland in the background and


There’s an awful lot of stupid on social media, Twatter being the worst.


Monty Panesar, of cricket fame? Well we need something to cheer us up…


Yes the full Monty….also known in some circles as the urinator. He could have helped with putting out the Aussie bush fires, but I fear he would be just pissing in the wind with our current crisis?


You gonna get a lot of these social media Idiot nob heads at the moment ,the film Contagion predicted a lot of thing’s this was one of them. There is enough idiot conspiracy theorise in the world,a lot from the Russian trolls to be said ,we do not need anymore thank you.


One thing that is true, is the deployment of the Medical Core if and when required. The only case for troops on the street will be for those who intend to commit looting, an age-old problem.


I doubt you’ll see large scale deployment of the medical CORPS, most of their clinicians already work within NHS frameworks, doubly so for their reserves.

BV Buster

Exercises are getting sh*t canned left right and centre, how do you think the lads are getting home?


Timothy Woodhead

My mate got a brand new range rover to travel home in. Some officer is probably driving a smart car home.


You really would think the simple realities of possibly the worst pandemic in a hundred years and the biggest international bog roll shortage in history would be plenty of news all round without making it up.


It’s sad how they get away with posting crap then we have more believers (sheep) than critical thinkers who know better.


Did anyone say that was the English flag?


Good news in the fight against covid-19. The Eurovision song contest is cancelled.


The very best news that I have heard about the virus! Ah, but wait a minute….filming of East Enders is to be suspended. about time too….the last thing the viewing public need in this time of crisis is more episodes of that ‘shed load of misery’.


I think the BBC views it’s mission as reflecting the nation back to itself. I’ve never quite understood how this strategy is meant to improve behaviour or happiness. The idea that you might want to broadcast materials which help us feel more hopeful and positive seems to be an alien concept. No wonder they are in such a mess.


Indeed, increasing cultural capital doesn’t seem to be as important as it once was….dumb-down rather than wise-up! Lord Reith is, no doubt, turning in his grave!


Fuck me there’s some stupid morons out there isn’t there!


The picture must have been taken in Spain considering the vehicles from front to rear are Santana PS-10, URO VAMTAC and an Iveco M250. So all vehicles operated collectively by the Spanish Army.

I am sceptical the Ejército de Tierra is on manoeuvres outside Glasgow!

Daniele Mandelli

I think the Tweet’s spelling of riot as “riote” says it all.


RFA Argus heading for London, to act as a hospital ship apparently