Russian attack helicopter accidentally strikes spectators during exercise

A video has emerged reportedly showing a Russian attack helicopter accidentally striking spectators while taking part in the Zapad 2017 military exercise.

According to an unofficial source, two journalists were hospitalised with serious injuries and two vehicles were damaged/destroyed due to a weapons malfunction aboard the Russian attack helicopter.

There has been no official report from the Russian military yet.

It is understood that one of the pair of Ka-52 attack helicopters flying in an attack formation accidentally fired a rocket toward the crowd that gathered at the Luzhsky training ground near St. Petersburg, according to local media outlet

The sites unnamed source suggested that the launch of air-to-ground missiles occurred accidentally due to technical malfunctions:

“They were flying engaged on target, there was some 500 metres left to it and the weapon chains got locked on the mission’s attack route, they turned on, but there was some kind of a short circuit and missiles were launched without command.

Missile fragments projected across a wide area. At least two vehicles were burnt down, two people were seriously injured, now they are at the hospital. Most probably, it was journalists who got hit.”

Zapad, which means “west” in Russian, is the reincarnation of a Soviet-era training exercise that involved Warsaw Pact countries, and is carried out every four years.


  1. Stories like this really do undermine the notion that Russian forces are currently a threat. Although I guess sheer weight of numbers and weapons system would likely overwhelm our small but superior military.
    just as well we have our tough and ready EU allies to help defend us…oh wait a minute maybe not that tough, or ready, or prepared, or willing, or even that friendly. EU massive Brexit bill anyone? That will be £60-120 billion for your democratic vote to leave.

  2. “EU massive Brexit bill anyone?”

    What do you think the Brexit bill should be? And why?

    What obligations that were agreed by 28 countries should now be paid for by 27? What British EU pensions do you want to or not want to pay?

    The British government has already agreed we need to pay a sum, we’re just negotiating how much of the laibilities we need to pay.

    Google “Brexit bill explained” there is a good FT article you can read among others showing that this isn’t a number picked from thin air, the entire bill is costed from their side, we are trying to negotiate to bring that bill down and are disputing some of the liabilities they want us to pay, this is normal procedure.

    Obviously they want us to pay, obviously we want to pay less, it hardy calls for this sort of Daily Mail reaction from you on a number of articles on here spouting the same stuff without giving any thought on what you think the Brexit bill should be.

  3. Thanks for your polite comments Kieran.
    obviously the Brexit bill needs to be as low as possible. The national audit office put the figure at between £7 and 11 billion. This is for our committed and signed up expenditure into the EU project. So far, far less than the £120 billion the EU initially asked for and the now £60 billion they are trying for.
    yes it is a negotiation and you will always have debate and differences of opinion but this is not that, this is greed.
    The EU is playing with fire. The world is watching the Brexit process and will make its own decisions as to whether the EU is an organisation they want to do business with.
    Oh and by the way I do not read the Daily Mail, I am a Guardian reader thanks. I am however a loyal British Citizen and will always defend the welfare and democracy of this country. I never voted for Brexit by seeing as 52% that voted did I am compelled to support the process now we are committed to exit. Hope that clarifies my standing on this issue. Not sure where you stand and why you are upset by my doubt about most EU nations as being viable and capable military allies. Are you French or German by any chance?
    I guess if we could turn ba k the clock it would have been nice to have got more remain voters actually out in the ballot box voting then maybe 52% would not of voted for Brexit. However if you live in a democracy sometimes the populace vote for something that you do not like and have yo either put up with or emigrate. Upto you Kieran if you want to go and live in the EU.

    • Thanks for the reply,

      No it’s still around £100 billion they are asking for but that’s gross, net is £60 billion when you take into account what we would be getting back.

      “yes it is a negotiation and you will always have debate and differences of opinion but this is not that, this is greed.”

      There is no proof that it is greed, what they have asked for is fully costed, basically they are asking for the maximum amount they could get away with asking, they know they won’t get that amount but that’s where you start in negotiations, this isn’t haggling over a loaf in market, it’s a cut throat dog eat dog world politics, they are not doing anything that any other country in the world wouldn’t be doing, we just have to negotiate and get the best deal for us.

      Other countries are not watching and thinking “oh the EU are tough negotiators therefore we won’t try strike a deal with the biggest customs union in the world” every country in the world wants a trade deal with the EU including us.

      This article isn’t even about the EU it’s about a Russian chopper for gods sake.


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