WATCH: A-10s land on Estonian road


It’s an unusual sight to see A-10s landing on a road.

Austere landings were relatively common during the Cold War as military planners sought contingencies in case air bases were destroyed in a large-scale conflict.

The A-10 was designed for close-in support of ground troops, close air support, providing quick-action support for troops against helicopters, vehicles, and ground troops.

It entered service in 1976 and is the only production-built aircraft that has served in the USAF that was designed solely for CAS. Its secondary mission is to provide forward air controller – airborne (FAC-A) support, by directing other aircraft in attacks on ground targets. Aircraft used primarily in this role are designated OA-10.

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Lewis Willis

Like to see the A10 do this though

Chris Duncan
Colin Ross

Steve Lewis

Allan Roberts

Andrei Ambros

Ruthy N Ryan Hilton

Awesome aircraft !