WATCH: BAE show off variant of the Type 26 Frigate being offered to Canada


CAE, L3 Technologies, MDA and Ultra, along with BAE and Lockheed Martin have teamed up to offer the Type 26 Frigate to Canada.

Speculation is mounting that Canada is seriously considering the Type 26 Frigate for its ‘Canadian Surface Combatant’ project.

Anne Healey, BAE General Manager (Group Business Development Canada) said, referring to a BAE bid to sell the Type 26 in Canada:

“The Type 26 Global Combat Ship is the world’s newest and most advanced surface combatant design. We are planning to cut steel in 2017, which is ideal timing for the CSC programme; being 3 years ahead of the Canadian programme.”

Canada’s Combat Ship Team say their approach to the CSC project exclusively parallels the Canadian Government’s Defence Policy, which is the foundation for the offering: Strong, Secure and Engaged. The following statement was released earlier in the month:

“The Type 26 Global Combat Ship is a flexible, next generation warship design which offers a low risk and affordable solution for the Canadian Surface Combatant program,” stated Anne Healey, Country Director, Canada, BAE Systems. “With the UK Type 26 program running ahead of CSC, our Canadian ship will benefit from lessons learnt on the UK program. This schedule also allows Type 26 the opportunity to be the most advanced Canadian Surface Combatant.Canadian companies such as W.R. Davis Engineering in Ottawa, Rolls-Royce in Peterborough and L3 MAPPS in Montréal have already begun work on delivering high-technology systems for the UK’s Type 26, demonstrating the skills and capability available from the Canadian supply chain.”


Canada’s Combat Ship Team add in an additional statement on their website:

“Offering the most advanced and modern warship design with Canadian-developed combat and platform systems, BAE Systems, CAE, Lockheed Martin Canada, L3 Technologies, MDA, and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. (Ultra) are partnering (on a non-exclusive basis) as Canada’s Combat Ship Team for the Royal Canadian Navy’s future fleet of Canadian Surface Combatants (CSC).

For Canada’s distinctive mission requirements, Canada’s Combat Ship Team proposes BAE Systems’ Royal Navy Type 26 Global Combat Shipdesign, enhanced with the team’s collective Canadian naval expertise in combat system design, integration, training, logistics and program management. Our team is offering Canada’s trusted Combat Management System – Lockheed Martin Canada’s modern CMS 330, currently in service on board Canada’s modernised HALIFAX-class frigates. Our team has been a proven and trusted partner to the Royal Canadian Navy for more than three decades on some of the most successful naval projects in Canada’s history, as well as with other premier navies and shipyards around the world.”

Canadian firms have already won contracts to support UK Type 26 programme with Ottawa-based engineering firm WR Davis being the first to secure a manufacturing contract to provide key equipment. BAE Systems has awarded the contract for the Uptake and Downtake elements of the ship’s funnel and exhaust system for the first three Type 26 ships.

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France submitted their offer directly to the Canadian Defence Minister, instead of following the rules of the competition.

Stay classy, France.


France did the same with their Rafale bid to the Belgians early this year. That too was rejected.


Yeah. Those sort of tricks often backfire.


The joint French/Italian FREMM bid has been formally rejected by the Canadian government due to the fact their submission channel was outside the competition rules. They were meant to submit to shipyard builder which is running the competition but instead submitted to the Canadian government.

Levi Goldsteinberg

So, what? They have to go with the Type 26 now?


That seems to be the direction all along.

Jack Wyatt

News on the FREMM bid. Pity because the FREMM is an impressive design.

News on the Navantia contender. Am unsure as to whether the RCN version will use the Aegis CMS with SAAB interface and CEAFAR2. The version offered to the RAN has AEGIS CMS, SAAB interface and CEAFAR2.

Evan P

What is the proposed armament of the Canadian T26?

Jack Wyatt

Appears to have a 32 cell Mark 41 VLS forward and omitted the Sea Ceptor VLSs both forward of the bridge and aft of the funnel.  Aft of the funnel, she carried two quad Harpoon launchers.  Lastly, she was carrying SeaRams instead of Phalanx in her waist positions. 


Disappointing they are ommiting sea ceptor as it sound be superior to essm.

Jack Wyatt

I can’t agree. The ships no doubt will be armed with ESSM Block 2 and there are quite a few countries who have signed up for it including the US, Australia, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway and Turkey. Like all US weapons, there is a solid development path and no doubt signatories will be able to access upgrades.