HMS Bulwark faces off with enemy aircraft in NATO’s largest exercise in over a decade. Two of the Royal Navy’s largest warships, HMS Ocean and HMS Bulwark have been taking part.


  1. A good video highlighting why the 2 new carriers should have had some form of anti-air missile system. A canon against a modern jet, just isn’t going to cut it and then brace brace boom sunk carrier.

  2. Whilst this is true, being able to defend themselves when things go wrong is kind of key. As far as I know all other big carriers around the world have self defence capabilities. When you have so much money invested in the ships themselves, the crew and the planes, it seems silly to cut costs on defensive abilities.

  3. If it ever comes to a conflict where cariers are targeted a carrier, and it’s associated Under-way Replenshiment Group, will employ most of the operational AA capable detroyer/frigates. What escorts will then be available for all the other tasks that are likely to fall on the RN’s shoulders?


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