WATCH: Royal Marines and US commandos blast their way through Scotland


Royal Marines and US commandos blast their way through a state-of-the-art training site in Scotland this week.

The two-week exercise consisted of mountain training in Inverness, which included navigation and survival training and climbing Ben Nevis.

Both British and US units are charged with protecting high value naval establishments and assets – in particular the nuclear deterrent.

Exercise Tartan Eagle has taken place since 1994, a joint training operation between British and American forces, staged both in the United States and Scotland.

According to a 2009 U.S. military news release, exercises “included weapons ranges, convoy operations, anti-ambush strategies and navigational classes, as well as a cultural trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps” in Virginia.

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5 years ago

Really looks like we’ve taken an awful lot of weapons handling training from the US. I’ve noticed the marked shift in CQB combat and general weapons drills in the last 3-4 years. Everything our soldiers do now looks fundamentally more American. You can even see our soldiers adopting the sidegrip, isosceles stance. General side-arm handling all seems American.

Phil Hopkins
Phil Hopkins
5 years ago


My name is Phil Hopkins, is there anywhere where I could get a copy of the defence jornal?

If there is, how much would it cost, I would love to read it, if at all possible.

Thank you.