WATCH: A tour of the Type 26 Frigate


Watch as BAE Systems guide the viewer through the Type 26 Frigate, which will replace most of the Type 23 Frigates as the workhorse of the fleet. 

According to BAE, the vessel will be a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence and general purpose operations anywhere on the world’s oceans.

Despite alarming headlines recently, the Type 26 frigates have not been cancelled or “indefinitely postponed”.

Work on building eight Type 26 frigates at Clyde shipyards will begin the summer of 2017, the defence secretary has announced.
Michael Fallon said the date for cutting the first steel would help secure new investment and safeguard hundreds of skilled jobs until 2035.

Additionally, it was announced recently that “preparatory work” has started on the fourth of five new Offshore Patrol Vessels being built on the Clyde.

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So yet again another RN ship with no modern anti-ship weapons?


A ‘warship’? More like a DEMS. This needs real work not a PR CGI.

mike saul

The original plan for the class had been 8 anti-submarine warfare variants and five general purpose variants, this remains largely unchanged except for the specification of the later five vessels” The original plan was for 13 T26 for the RN and for this to be an international project ( a naval version of the F35) , raising the total orders to over 30. Brazil, Australia, India, Turkey, Canada and even the USA were touted as potential customers. The RN order for 13 was to cost around £4bn. Now 8 for the RN, no international partners (to help spread the R&D… Read more »

Leo Houwing

Despite the fact that they are very expensive and we’ll need more of them you can’t deny that they will be brilliant ships!??


@MS – “The great hope is now the T31 frigate. My own humble opinion is that the T31 programme should be accelerated, the T23 remain in service longer than currently planned and the T26 procured at a latter date.” I agree that T31 should be accelerated but BAE (if it gets the T31 contract, not a foregone conclusion) has already indicated that it believes it can parallel build T26 and T31 on the Clyde with only modest additional investment in facilities there. If somewhere else in the UK got at least some of the T31 build contracts then obviously that… Read more »