A lot of coverage has been given to the launch of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the newest ship to join the Royal Navy however China has launched a ship as well, and it’s part of an arms race.

On Wednesday, China launched a new type of domestically built warships that are designed to promote Chinese built ships that would take an increasingly assertive stance in the South China Sea.

The new destroyer is approximately 10,000 tonnes and will undergo extensive testing with is newly equipped air defence, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons. The vessel is the first of its type 055 destroyers and is the successor to the smaller type 052D destroyers.

China in recent years has been investing more money in its armed forces and announced in March that the budget would increase by 7% even though for the last 20 years increases in military spending were larger.

Its military budget still remains smaller than the United States and their military spending would be considered smaller if President Trump increases military spending by 10%.

The new destroyer is set for sea trials – let’s see how it goes.

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Steven Jones

The amount of money the US spends on defence is truly staggering, how long can it continue ?


That’s because they don’t spend money on social welfare anywhere near as much as in Europe. For example, if you are laid off, you get unemployment insurance for six months – that’s it. So, the largest economy in the world without the social welfare spending means you can afford the largest defence budget in the world. Now, that’s not to say there aren’t pressures on the defence budget in the US because there are – the deficit being one – but Europe is crippled by welfare handouts leaving defence way down the list of priorities. That and the fact Europe… Read more »


Some interesting opinions. A serious chain of event’s imo catapulted the US to world dominance. From culture, tech, film, music, and history. The economy is just too good imo but not without its flaws. NATO exists to allow the US to assert itself in the region. WW2 is over and certainly don’t need war over Russia. “Get rid of NATO” having been a noble idea. The Russians are a European country invite them in? The EU another project with US influence should be scrapped also. Unity means we all fall when banks fuck up. Prosperity at the door steps of… Read more »

Bloke down the pub

Read recently that the benefits bill for London alone is greater than the money spent on the Royal Navy.

Mr Bell

Nope we (the UK) are not buying influence by giving away £13 billion a year in foreign aid. The UK wastes its wealth by such measures and the foreign aid mostly goes to schemes that are rife with corruption. Have HMG ever compilled a report for UK taxpayers to see how this money has been spent or what actual good it has done?. Answer is no. I would cut foreign aid by at least 50% immediately, a reduced sum of money would focus the departments spending and ensure only the most needy and worthwhile causes receive our aid. Back to… Read more »


Bravo Mr. Bell! As always – right on the money. I recall an article in the media around last Christmas time (The Telegraph if I recall correctly) that stated the Dept responsible for Foreign Aid was sitting on 5Bn that they were literally trying to find projects to throw it at as they couldn’t spend it fast enough. I agree we should give Foreign Aid – absolutely – but to have it written into law that we MUST give 0.7% GDP each and EVERY year is absurd! To me, the Foreign Aid budget is currently so bloated that we should… Read more »


i for one would scrap foreign aid,if a country needs help in time of disaster then yes help them but instead of chucking money at them send food medicine infrastructure etc from here to them but use non corrupt UK companies,then split the aid between defense and the nhs….the billions we have put into other countries has been more than enough to fit running water throughout a whole country but yet they still ask for more due to corruption and our stupid do gooders in power playing the big i am…this country and the tax payers in it should come… Read more »