The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach met with the Japanese Vice Minister of Defence Kenji Harada.

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach started his day by addressing the students of the Joint Staff College in Tokyo.

After a short introduction on the NATO Military Committee and his role as its chairman, Air Chief Marshal Peach explained how NATO has evolved over the last 70 years to become more mature, multinational and multilateral say the Alliance in a release.

Since 1949, there have been many challenges – from the Cold War, to the Balkan Wars, to the 9/11 attacks and our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. The nature of conflict has evolved and NATO has adapted in response. We have grown to incorporate new members and we have expanded our network of partners. NATO is a security provider and the world still needs us”, added the Chairman.

NATO and Japan have been partners since the early 1990s.

“NATO and Japan share common values and an innate desire to uphold and protect peace and security in our own neighbourhoods and across the world. Partners, like Japan, have made and continue to make substantial contributions to Alliance operations, missions, and practical cooperation activities”, stressed the Chairman in his meeting with the Japanese Chief of Defence General Yamazaki.

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2 years ago

A much enhanced NATO membership, to encompass the ‘Free World,’ is the only logical way forward against nations who could have alternative plans for our globe?

2 years ago

Pitiful attempt at staying relevant for NATO. Attempting to pin their stripes to the rising sun’s newly bouyant military. NATO should have disbanded after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Red menace.

NATO expansion into Eastern Europe irked the Russians and gave us the war in the Ukraine. I can’t really ever see Georgia or Armenia as members. Putin was able to paint the West as aggressors interfering in their ‘backyard’.