NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with the United Kingdom’s Defence Secretary, Penny Mordaunt this week.
Mr. Stoltenberg congratulated the Defence Secretary on her appointment and said he looked forward to working with her to address the security challenges the Alliance faces, according to a news release.

“They discussed the current security environment, NATO’s adaption to new threats and preparations for the Summit of NATO Heads of State and Government to be held in London this December. 

Mr. Stoltenberg thanked the United Kingdom for its leadership in NATO and its strong commitment to the Alliance, on land, in the air, at sea, and in cyberspace.”

Along with The North Atlantic Council, Mr. Stoltenberg will attend the Cyber Defence Pledge Conference at the National Cyber Security Centre in London on Thursday.

The Secretary General will make a keynote speech on NATO’s adaption to counter cyber threats. The United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, will also address the conference.

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James Harrington

Mr. Hunt should also begin the discussion with him on how the rest of NATO needs to start paying the UK for providing by far the greatest amount of the organizations assets and deterrent. Its also time for discussion about how the UK contribution to NATO is linked to the EU as most of the EU are members of NATO and directly benefit from the UK’s large contribution to NATO forces and hence their protection. People argue that its two separate organizations and that its the collective benefits, but its more than that. The two are closely linked and the… Read more »


I’m not sure about paying the UK, but paying their minimum 2% of GDP on defence budget .

Any EU army should pay anything extra for Motown as an extra.


The issue of the UK’s contribution to European defence was probably not made part of Teresa May’s Brexit negotiations? Knowing her, that would have been perceived as not being in good spirit? If Boris gets her job, I’m sure that all the cards will be on the table including defence. The obvious disproportional UK contribution to EU security, will need to be reassessed by the new Prime Minister, if the EU continues to hold back on a new deal. For me, the issue is germane to the Brexit debate, and should be placed high on the list of the UK’s… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Deal? That’s the thing. The EU has maintained no talks on trade can be concluded until the Withdrawal agreement is passed.

So, what is this deal we can not leave the EU without? Trade?

May’s deal had citizens rights and financial obligations sorted.

See the catch. MP’s are jumping up and down about what exactly?

May was atrocious but she has been equally aided by the EU’s behaviour and that of HM opposition.

At least the Lib Dems are open and upfront with their aims.


Morning Daniele. As you now know Mrs May is now on her way out so where to now? I am sure our NATO links and role will remain strong. As pointed out by many we are leaving the EU-not Europe or organisations such as NATO. I have remained conflicted throughout the whole dreadful process of the last two years. As I see things there are two clear cut options-stay in the EU and assist the movement to reform from within along with for example Italy and Hungary, or leave without a deal. The former option stops the uncertainty immediately but… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Morning Geoff. My post was pointing out the sheer hypocricy the media ignore of MP’s refusing to sanction leaving without a deal – which can not be signed anyway as the EU themselves refuse to discuss trade yet. “As pointed out by many we are leaving the EU-not Europe or organisations such as NATO” Yes. The EU. Not Europe. Try telling that to the BBC and other media, who use the term deliberately. “As I see things there are two clear cut options-stay in the EU and assist the movement to reform from within along with for example Italy and… Read more »


Haha Daniele-good to be passionate and I am of the same opinion that a No Deal Brexit is nothing to be feared. I am just saddened by the fact that country that gave the world the best in virtually every field has been reduced in many respects to a sub-contractor for foreign owned firms. Just one example-there are many, is Airbus. If the EU and their cohorts get nasty they could squeeze the UK out of the Airbus project and cause us much harm. Bae made the wrong decision I think, in selling their shareholding. Repeating the aviation example, we… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Geoff. Respect. We think the same.

As for the rain, you can keep it!!!

Chris H

@Daniele MAndelli – Totally agree with and support everything you laid out there. One thing you did miss out is the EU Election we have just had and which result we will have tomorrow (Sunday). If polls are to be believed then the Brexit Party will get some 35% of the votes and basically clear the board of candidates. THIS was our ‘2nd Referendum and we have made our opinions known yet again. We voted to leave in 2016, we were promised we would in that £9 Mn leaflet for which Mr Cameron kindly used our taxes and we were… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

And I agree with you Chris. I’m so pleased you’re back posting here, as you’re knowledge on this is unsurpassed and you get facts out better than I ever could. What has been missing ever since this affair started is a Brexit believing PM who needs to play hard ball like that. I hope any new PM sends the europhile civil servants like Ollie Robbins far, far away. For me, and I expect for Nigel Farage and yourself,, this is now more than Brexit, as you mention. It is people against an establishment defiant. The more the establishment defies the… Read more »

Chris H

@Daniele Mandelli – There is a part of me that has a lot of sympathy for Theresa May despite her utter failure. Cameron laid the foundations for the upcock we have now when he and his Government sided with Remain while promising to respect whatever the decision was. He then baled out and left the scene of his own making. Had he remained (excuse tyhe pun) neutral, not published that leaflet and said ‘I will remain neutral and carry out your wishes’ he would have had a strronger hand and a far easier task with the EU. After all he… Read more »


Whatever the outcome of the UKs divorce from the European union, our contribution to NATO and wider european security should never be used as a bargaining chip. These are some of our closest allies afterall, and our disproportionately high contribution to European defence and security will be a vital form of leverage in European politics re its foreign policy, sanctions policy, humanitarian efforts, and will crucially help us gain access to European intelligence databases and organisations such as europol post Brexit . We all rightly praise the quality of our own security apparatus but we often forget how having an… Read more »


I would agree we need them as much as they need us. However, the EU’s intransigence has to be challenged, and defence, should not be precluded from the ongoing negotiations. The plain truth is the UK’s defence contribution is large enough to be legitimately placed on the table if the EU do not give something away, in a bid to be rid of the UK. I for one, would advocate a stronger union with the USA in terms of international defence cooperation in place of increasing commitments to European defence. Brussels needs to be aware that the World does not… Read more »

Chris H

@Maurice10 – Echoing my sentiments entirely. I am not one for the trigger phrases but It seems to me that the EU have been the ones ‘cherry picking’ and ‘wanting their security cake and eat it’ by treating us like an enemy (or as a colony as they phrase it) with the utmost disdain and disrespect and then expecting us to assist in their defence despite THEM not being arsed to fund their own defence themselves. You are totally right: Everything we offer should be on the table and they do not take the bits they like while kicking us… Read more »


Chris H, I’m pleased that you agree. One overriding problem throughout the Brexit negotiations has been our sense of fair play, when what was required, should have come straight out of the Winston Churchill’s book of straight talking. To diminish our contribution to Europe’s defence was a critical mistake. If you wheal a big stick, you act like it, and from what I’ve witnessed, Trump did just that when he visited NATO HQ. Okay, there were sniggers from third-party players, but his message went home, have no doubts about that! The UK’s stance should have been brutish from the outset.… Read more »

Chris H

@maurice10 – The root cause of the failure to negotiate was that to the likes of the Civil Service as epitomised by Ollie Robbins and the Establishment that surrounds those in power Brexit was something to be minimised, to be reduced to the lowest denominator and to, if at all possible, be diffused, dismembered and put away never to trouble the country again. When you have that mindset your opponents will succour you into taking what THEY want. And so it came to pass. Thankfully the WA is now history and we have a clean sheet of paper. My real… Read more »


I still can’t believe that May and Merkel are still in power. I guess it’s hard to find good help these days. lol