WATCH: F-35A Completes first aerial gun test

An F-35A has completed the first tests of its internal gun during a test flight, quieting previous rumours it was unable to fire its gun.

WATCH: How the F-35B Lightning works

Royal Navy engineer, Ian Tidball takes you on a tour of F-35B Lightning.

Did Islamic State shoot down a Russian airliner?

Fuelling speculation that the crashed Russian airliner in Egypt was shot down, Islamic State have released a video purporting to show them shooting it down.

WATCH: RAF Reaper drone sinks Islamic State boat

An RAF Reaper attacks Islamic State boat loaded with hundreds of mortar and rocket rounds.

UPDATE: British air strikes in Iraq

The Ministry of Defence have released an update regarding the progress of British air strikes in Iraq.

WATCH: RAF pilot performs first UK F-35B takeoff at sea

Squadron Leader Jim Schofield performs the first short take-off at sea in a F-35B aircraft on-board USS Wasp.

WATCH: British Reaper drone strikes Islamic State convoy

Watch as an RAF Reaper, armed with Hellfire missiles, destroys an armoured pick-up truck which had been converted to a large car bomb.

WATCH: Apache display team in action

The Apache Display Team from 3 Regiment Army Air Corp (3AAC) have been displaying the might of the gunship.

Russian airliner crashes in Egypt

A Russian airliner has crashed in central Sinai with more than 200 people on board, speculation about militant involvement in the incident is rife.

How much will the F-35 actually cost?

The F-35 is often claimed to be unaffordable, that's simply not true.



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