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It is being claimed that the British Army are engaged in operations online against British citizens.
The Type 4X is just an early concept at this stage but a variant of the Type 26 Frigate is officially being considered for the job.
How is it that the Sandhurst motto 'Serve to Lead' is so evidently concrete and indestructible?
It is vital that we pick our allies carefully, especially when it comes to unstable regions. 
Kipion is just one of a plethora of British commitments to the Persian Gulf over the decades.
138 F-35s over the "life of the programme", do we need that many and how long is that? The author of this article, David Anthony Simpson, served for over 25 years as an RAF pilot, in executive flying appointments and as a senior staff officer.
In the past few weeks, events in the Gulf of Oman have led to rising tensions.
The class are not the largest class of carrier in the world but they are most likely the smallest and least expensive carrier the Royal Navy could build which still have the advantages that large carriers offer.
It's a common myth that the United States has control over the UK's Trident missile system, that is not the case.
The Royal Navy are in the Baltic Sea promoting British interests.



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