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Iraqi ‘troops’ ask for vote on IS captive’s fate

A group of Iraqi soldiers have asked 80,000 of their Instagram followers to decide if captive caught near Mosul lives or dies.

Russia considers joining fight against Islamic State

Russia is reportedly considering whether to follow the international coalition in conducting air strikes against Islamic State targets.

UK provides further support to Ukrainian Armed Forces

The UK will provide nearly £1 million worth of equipment to the Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF) to support them through the colder months.

Geolocation data disproves Russia’s targeting claims in Syria

In just three days, Russian aircraft have carried out 137 sorties, targeting 448 “terrorist objects” throughout Syria.

Canada to withdraw jets from Syria and Iraq

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has today confirmed he will withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the campaign against Islamic State.

UK-led joint force launched to tackle common threats

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon committed the UK to a leading role in the new joint force.

Airlines warned about Russian missile flightpaths

Airlines have been warned that flights over parts of the Middle East may be in danger from Russian missile flight paths.

Iraq repels Islamic State onslaught

Iraq has announced that its security forces have managed to repel a suicide attack by the Islamic State militants north of Ramadi.

Australia successfully refuels F-35’s

The Royal Australian Air Force has reached milestone in the development of the F-35A with a successful aerial refuelling of a F-35A Joint Strike Fighter.

US to step up fight against Islamic State

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has indicated an increase in US military action in the Middle East against Islamic State.



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