F-15 Eagles deploy to Hungary

The US Air Force has deployed four F-15 Eagle aircraft to Hungary as part of the European theatre security package.

UAE hands over two generals to Turkey following coup attempt

The United Arab Emirates has reportedly detained two Turkish generals serving in Afghanistan and handed them over to Turkey. The hand over took place over suspicions that they took part in the failed coup attempt. The commander of Turkey’s task force in Afghanistan, Major General Mehmet Cahit Bakir, and Kabul Training, Support and Advising Commander Brigadier General Sener Topuc were detained...

Russia building Arctic air defence base

Russia has sent deployed vessels to an Arctic region where new naval facilities are being built, including an air defence base on Sredniy Island.

France to deploy aircraft carrier to Gulf

France will deploy its only aircraft carrier to assist in the fight against the Islamic State.

F/A-18C Hornet crashes during training in Nevada, US

The aircraft, an F/A-18C, was about 10 miles southeast of Fallon, Nevada and returning to base when the jet crashed around 10:45 am local time.

No, Britain isn’t joining an EU military

Numerous articles have claimed that Angela Merkel will expect David Cameron to drop opposition to a EU military. This is not expected to happen.

Australian assault ship completes sea trials

Australia's second Canberra class Amphibious Assault Ships, HMAS Adelaide, has completed of sea trials off the south east Australian coast The trials reportedly centred on testing navigation, combat and communications systems. Commanding Officer, Captain Paul Mandziy, said: "These final sea acceptance trials will determine the shape of the final pre-delivery work package before the ship is delivered to the Commonwealth later this...

British forces take part in largest NATO exercise for decades

The UK and other NATO states will commit 140 aircraft, more than 60 ships and around 36,000 international troops.

Three French soldiers killed in Libya

They are the first confirmed Western military casualties since it became known that special forces were operating on the ground in Libya earlier this year.

US donating two ships to the Philippines

US President Barack Obama says the US will transfer two ships to the Philippines to boost maritime security for the South-East Asian nation.



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