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USS Washington delivered to the US Navy

The US Navy has accepted delivery of the USS Washington, the 14th submarine of the Virginia class.

United States details coalition strikes hitting Islamic State in Syria, Iraq

US and coalition forces continued to attack Islamic State, conducting 19 strikes consisting of 63 engagements according to officials.

BAE selected by the US Army to develop Advanced precision guidance kits for artillery...

The US Army has awarded BAE Systems an $8 million contract to develop modernised precision-guidance kits.

US shuts down need for UN Security Council meeting over North Korea

The US has stated that it won’t call for an emergency UN Security Council meeting over North Korean missile testing, as there is ‘no value’ to the meeting.

North Korea fires missile over Japan

North Korea have fired an intermediate range ballistic missile eastwards over Japan and into the Pacific on Friday.

Thailand orders Starstreak

Thales announced today at DSEI that it has signed a multi-million pound contract with DataGate in Thailand to supply the Royal Thai Army with the STARStreak

WATCH: US Air Force, BAE and Australia conduct hypersonic missile test

An experimental hypersonic missile, the Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation Program 4, blasted off at over a mile-per-second through the Australian skies earlier this...

Apache attack helicopter fires laser weapon for the first time

A high energy laser mounted on an Apache AH-64 attack helicopter acquired and hit an unmanned target in a test.

Man on drugs tries to steal a kids BMX Bike from Russian Embassy

A lot of weird things can occur in Australia's capital but this happens to be one of the more stranger things to happen when it comes to embassy security.

2,000 Iranian troops now in Syria

Thousands of Iranian troops are in Syria, fighting for the Syrian government.



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