Footage From British Phalanx C-RAM Battery

C-RAM firing in response to a rocket attack launched by insurgents in Basra in 2009.

UK to send 1,000 troops to Poland

Britain will send 1,000 military personnel to take part in NATO exercises in Poland, part of an agreement with Warsaw to strengthen security ties,...

1 Scots Guards train in Denmark in Ex White Sword

  1 Scots Guards where able to use their¬†experience with wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles from Op Herrick in Afghanistan (above). In December, the largest recent NATO...

Women eligible for close combat roles by 2016

Allowing women on the frontline would put the UK policy in line with countries like Australia and the US.

WATCH: Royal Artillery bring out the big guns

Brigadier Simon Humphrey, Exercise Director for Exercise Steel Sabre, talks about the artillery training activity.

WATCH: British snipers show off skills

The Rifles is the largest infantry regiment in the British Army, watch this video to see their snipers in action.

WATCH: British Army Rocket Artillery in action

Gunners from 101 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery and 1 Regiment Royal Horse Artillery on exercise at the Otterburn Ranges in the north of England.

WATCH: British Army – Ex Trident Juncture

B Coy from the Royal Irish regiment travel in a Foxhound light mechanised vehicle to seek out and engage the enemy during Ex Trident Juncture 15 in Spain.

Final Army units to return from Germany in 2019

The final units based around Paderborn and Sennelager in Germany will return home to Salisbury Plain in the final phase of the Army Basing Programme.

British troops to remain in Afghanistan until 2016

British forces will stay in Afghanistan to 2016 due to Afghan forces struggling to provide complete security in the wake of increasing Taliban offensives.



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