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UK ‘may be out of tank game’ within next ten years

The way things are going, the UK may well be out of the MBT game altogether within the next ten years unless the government sharpen up their ideas argues Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford, former tank commander and defence analyst.

The Guyana-Venezuela dispute and UK involvement

In late 2023, tensions between Guyana and Venezuela resurged following the latter’s renewed claims and hostile rhetoric over the Essequibo region, also known as 'Guayana Esequiba'.


France hands command of SNMG2 to Canadian Navy

Recently, SNMG2 provided significant logistical support and conducted surveillance of Russian activities in the Mediterranean.

Babcock reports £90m loss on Type 31 Frigate contract

Despite this setback, the defence contractor reported stronger-than-expected cashflow and a 34% increase in underlying operating profit to approximately £238 million for the year ending March 2024.

Drones banned over part of Scotland due to carrier departure

The Civil Aviation Authority has announced a temporary ban on drones over the Firth of Forth from 19 July to 24 July 2024, as HMS Queen Elizabeth prepares to leave Rosyth after undergoing critical repairs.


Sweden in first NATO surveillance flights over Atlantic

After years of close cooperation as a NATO Partner, Sweden is now fully integrated and interoperable within NATO's air and space power activities.

NATO forces ‘demonstrate unity’ in German arctic exercise

More than 80 Allied aircraft and over 500 personnel are currently participating in German-led exercise Arctic Defender.

British Typhoon squadron declared ‘Multi-Role Combat’ ready

IX (B) Squadron from RAF Lossiemouth has been officially certified as a Multi-Role Combat Ready Squadron while deployed on NATO operations in the Black Sea region.


Former British MP appears on Russian propaganda site

In a recent appearance on Kremlin-operated propaganda site RNN, former-MP Matthew Gordon-Banks made a series of contentious claims all debunked by fact-checkers.

Russia to prevent draft dodgers from leaving

he Russian Government is developing a system to prevent potential draftees to the Russian military from leaving the country.

Britain launches ‘root and branch review’ of armed forces

"Hollowed-out armed forces, procurement waste and neglected morale cannot continue."

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A Russian submarine, Scotland, and an odd conspiracy

A recent BBC Scotland news story about the sighting of a Russian submarine off the west coast of Scotland has sparked a flurry of odd reactions on social media.

The myth that nukes are in Scotland to keep England safe

Misconceptions can often take root and spread quickly, one incorrect claim is that the UK stores all of its nukes in Scotland because they're too dangerous to keep in England. 

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