JFD’s company’s Torpedo SEAL stealth combat swimmer delivery vehicle was on display at UDT 2018 in Glasgow, accompanied by Clearance Diver’s Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) rebreather apparatus.

The Torpedo Seal’s hydro internal space enables 2 divers with combat gear and mission essential equipment to be transported inside the hull protected from the streaming water. It is then able to transport 2 divers and equipment, fully submerged, over a range of 10nm.

In addition to primary insertion methods such as by a submarine, Torpedo SEAL may also be launched from any surface craft, underslung by rotary-wing aircraft or stored beneath the outer casing of a submarine.

According to the company, the Torpedo SEAL SDV is controlled by a single pilot. It also accommodates 1 passenger and equipment. The mission profile may follow one of these examples:

  • Extend the operating range of a combat team
  • Underwater survey and reconnaissance
  • Delivery of explosive ordnance
  • Counter-narcotics and harbour patrol
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