US military forces from the US Indo-Pacific Command are scheduled to participate in exercise Valiant Shield (VS) 2018 this month, around the Marianas Island Range Complex as well as on Guam.

The US military say that participants include the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, 15 surface ships, more than 160 aircraft and approximately 15,000 personnel from the US Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps.

“We are excited to be here for exercise Valiant Shield as Guam gives us a world-class joint-training opportunity,” said exercise director Rear Adm. Daniel Dwyer.

“The Marianas Island Range Complex is a premier training environment that allows the joint force a unique opportunity to come together and train side-by-side at the high end.”

Valiant Shield is a US-only, biennial field training exercise aimed at ensuring the joint force is ready to conduct a wide range of combat operations.

During VS-18, US forces will reportedly exercise a wide range of capabilities and demonstrate the inherent flexibility of joint forces. The range of capabilities include maritime security operations, amphibious operations, anti-submarine and air-defence exercises.

This is the seventh exercise in the Valiant Shield series that began in 2006.

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What happened to the QE visits Norfolk piece?



Thank you Lusty!



The Pacific theater is seeing a lot of quiet, under the radar activity with abandoned WW II installations being reactivated as austere forward dispersal sites. “Island Hopping” in the modern era. It will make life difficult for Chinese planners though. We have LOTS of these itty bitty pieces of land scattered all over a vast amount of space…



Thanks for the links Helions


Very welcome John!


Captain P Wash

HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently Stateside waiting to Test some Aircraft that we don’t have.

Daniele Mandelli

What like those aircraft currently at RAF Marham in Norfolk?


Captain P Wash

I was being Ironic.

Daniele Mandelli

A relief.