A hatch left open on the INS Arihant lead to saltwater flooding the propulsion area, rendering the $2.9 billion submarine inoperative.

The incident was first reported by The Hindu. According to an Indian Navy source, a hatch was left open allowing seawater to rush in. The Arihant issue rose soon after INS Chakra, the Nerpa class nuclear submarine leased from Russia, was reported to have suffered damage to its sonar domes while entering the Visakhapatnam harbour in early October.

INS Arihant is to be the first of the expected five in the class of submarines designed and constructed as a part of the Indian Navy’s secretive Advanced Technology Vessel project. The Arihant class submarines are reported to be based on the Akula class submarine.

India has an ambitious plan to build a SSBN fleet, comprising five Arihant class vessels.

INS Arihant was introduced to the public in 2009 at a symbolic launch ceremony. The launch coincided with the 10th anniversary of the conclusion of the Kargil War and consisted of floating the vessel by flooding the dry dock. Defence Professionals Daily claimed Arihant was launched without key systems including its nuclear reactor, surveillance equipment, and ordnance.

Prime Minister Singh billed the submarine as an outcome of a public-private partnership. He also thanked Russia in his address, stating, “I would also like to express our appreciation to our Russian friends for their consistent and invaluable cooperation, which symbolises the close strategic partnership that we enjoy with Russia.”


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Levi Goldsteinberg


Levi Goldsteinberg

Poo in sea

Stuart Willard

If so they will need imeasurably better training. Not something they seem especially skilled at. Having the equipment is one thing running it on the cheap however makes it style over substance so I doubt that anyone will be especially scared of this paper super power any time soon.

Sarthak Das

Actually the thing is this article is flawed. How in god’s name do you launch a nuclear submarine without it’s nuclear reactor. And, if you wanna talk about style over substance you must be aware of the fact that the Royal Navy’s finest ship the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers examples of fine british engineering is back in the docks for repairs as it has a massive crack and it’s leaky. Also, don’t forget the destroyers with faulty engines . ?


Sarthal – You complain about ‘flaws’ in the article and then gob off about the QE by peddling some utter crap about some ‘massive crack’, ‘its leaky’ and is ‘back in docks’.

Pot – Kettle – Non White Colour


problem with indians is they never accept their mistake. They were fools and will remain fools. You will always see an Indian fool defending and interestingly living in the West. If India is that good then why do u idiots stay in the West. Come back to your shitty country.


Launching a submarine is just the point when you first put it in water. The reactor has never been in our submarines when we launch them. Launching is a couple years before commissioning. All that stuff is in before commissioning.


Hate to tell you this but us subs reactor is up and running before a drop of water hits the hull.

David Swan

The article clearly stated that the “Launch” consisted of floating the vessel by flooding the dry dock. No reactor needed to float.


And they have back-up non-nuclear engines, too.


US nuclear subs have a diesel generator capable of running the boat. But it has an exhaust that billows black smoke, and because of the length they have to be within 50 ft of the surface. Not very conducive to a submarine’s purpose, but they aren’t dead in the water.

Ty Ray Stahl

So this article is flawed? When are you going to sue this paper? The sooner you Indians come out of the illusion of superiority the better.

David burnett

Hahahaha write them another chq on your way out Teresa ya cunt?


Left a hatch open? Wow. Just wow.




No sensors on hatches?!


nice to see what India spends our foreign aid on…..


Exactly! and just to rub it in; they paid the Russians!


You create money out of thin air

Geoffrey Roach

Damn right Andy.What a f…… farce. Is that how to spell flipping???

Sarthak Das

Lmao the so called aid you provide to us we spend more than that to on our fertilizers. It’s flipping peanuts when compared to the money we spend on our military. So much for your aid

Barry Larking

Well, there is gratitude for you. How about spending some of your own money on your own people’s needs? Indian professionals I met in the U.K. late last year are more critical of their own government for neglecting pressing needs in Indian society. Welcome news then today (15.01.2017) that the new U.K. International Development Secretary is intent on re-balancing U.K. aid towards countries that can demonstrate a genuine concern for their own people.

Chet Gibbons

Soooo, you’re saying you don’t need the money that our tax payers have been robbed of in order to give it to your country? Ok, fine. Give it back. I’ll take a check.

Matt Nicholas

It’s funny that you cow worshipping clowns need foreign aid. Ha ha ha


Well, one can’t buy or make the billion dollar machine by the aid of your fucking million.

Barry Larking

Or spend it on chronic poverty and education either. So be it.


Rishu – India is a country that can’t deliver basic sanitation to its population and where people crap in the streets. A country that is happy for millions to live in hovels in abject poverty. A country where the Caste system makes South African Apartheid look like a friendly disagreement. And all this shit while spending $ Bns on nuclear weapons, submarines and carriers. So maybe less lecturing and abuse of a country that does very much better for its people than yours does, that provides a home for many who leave India for a better life and yet is… Read more »

Govind Melitte

Not quite. It’s all about timing. I’m fairly certain the modern state of London compared to its industrial era shithole conditions is proof enough to understand how things can change.


And stop calling and pretending to be the IRS.

Matt Nicholas

Hahaha that’s awesome J-Rod!

Pradeep Choudhary

Wow just wow, where do you get your facts from? since a lot of what you write is bullshit, apartheid looks like friendly disagreements? lol. Where a black person can’t mingle with a white person? Oh boy, I’m just appalled at your lack of knowledge about India and your ignorance.


Never having been in the navy or onboard a submarine, i’d Love to know how something like this could have happened….

Do the British subs have sensors on the external hatches, which alert the appropriate control station or do they just rely on a second person cross checking the hatches?


Simple rushed training. A contractor can put as many warning lights as you possibly want. Doesn’t mean Seamen Carl will remember to look at them. Whenever a institution whatever it’s job takes shortcuts you WILL have accidents. Launching this ship early shows how much they were rushing for appearances. Same people who are willing to take that many risks building a multi-billion dollar equipment are the same ones who will improperly screen or inadequately train recruits. Hopefully they learn their lesson before the headline is “Submarine lost with all hands.” What happened here was likely they thought the warning lights… Read more »




It’s called “Systemology” and neophyte nations like India and China, just getting into major naval units like nuclear subs and carriers, have no idea how to do it. The U.S. is the class of the world in it, and, to a lesser extent, the Brits, who at least have the tradition of it. It takes decades to get it right.


There are warning systems that disable a vehicle. Your car has them if its relatively new. Such as, if the cooling fluid is too low it won’t run.

James Tilson

On US subs we call it a “straight board”, where all indicators for hull openings are green bars (indicating SHUT) rather than red circles (or O’s) indicating OPEN. We don’t dive without a “STRAIGHT BOARD”. However, there have been instance of faulty indicators, mechanical failure, and/or operator error(s) throughout the world’s submarine forces causing catastrophic events


Jeez, aren’t there warning lights for critical stuff like this?


No, there are no sensors to let you know hatches are open. All done through communication and visual inspection.

Joe Fortson

Negative, having been on 3 fast attacks and one boomer US Navy. There most definitely are sensors at all hull penetrations with local indications and remote indications at the BCP ballast control panel, A straight board is necessary to commence a dive. There are also 3 checks locally. Initial closing, second check and then commissioned officer 3rd check.

Evan P

A warning light is no more visible than an open hatch. If you miss an open hatch, who’s to say they notice a warning light? It comes down to training.



Stephen G.

Lol, what a humiliation!


Exactly! And it seems like you guys don’t wanna leave any chance to humiliate us.

Barry Larking

You do it better than we ever could.

Abdul Rahman



Think we beached our first Astute, another’w tower got rammed before we laugh toooo much


Crashes my car once, doesn’t mean I won’t shake my head and light at someone else being an idiot.

Stuart Willard

Bit of difference between having a car crash and having one while driving off with the doors wide open. The Astute accident was embarrassing but from what I remember it was at least partly due to charts not having been updated. Making accurate charts is a little more complex than leaving a hatch open or in the case of the US navy ramming your warship into a merchant vessel.

Levi Goldsteinberg

>US navy ramming your warship into a merchant vessel.


Nbernard campbell

Uk navy best in world for getting things right ,but still manage to fuck up ie Hms Southamptonnncollision with Vlcc Torbay and Hms Nottingham hitting a rock off Australia to name a few , training is paramount in all of this as human beings we all make mistakes read up on board of enquiries to see this ….good to see so many points out over on this though




Polish subs have screened portholes. Or so I’ve heard.


$3bn on a sub yet 600m+ of their own people don’t even have access to a toilet…

Stuart Willard

Considering barely 6 months go by without a building collapsing through design neglect I guess this sort of neglect is rather innate in a third world nation that is perhaps trying a little to anxiously to look like the worlds next economic super power with all that entails and in their speed putting health and safety to one side while coruption stays centre stage.

John Clark

Spot on Mac, millions of Indians live in grinding poverty. Its horrendous and due to their cast system, most people in the Indian hierarchy really don’t give a shit! Nuclear Submarines are the most complex, top of the tree , weapon systems there is, bar none. Its deeply concerning if India dosen’t recognise this. There is a good reason why a British SSN captain is still one of the most feared adversaries in the sea. The mix of exceptional training and very good kit ( admittedly in dangerously low numbers) makes our SSN’s a massive force multiplier. They represent a… Read more »

Sarthak Das

Let’s not forget Mr.Clark as much as we are to be blamed for our caste system the British are to be equally blamed for it. Let’s not forget the British empire played the ‘divide and rule’ card. Let’s not forget the Astute Class submarines prime example of british shipbuilding industry has been as stated by the National Auditing Office of your country stated how the wrong ‘soft metal’ resulted in the failure of the cooling pipe’s cap.

Barry Larking

Mr Das. I am as old as India and I feel it. How much longer can this ‘It was all the fault of the British’ nonsense continue? The British found divide and rule when they arrived. They changed little which was wise since these were a people who disliked reform. It still is the case that the educated organise things to their liking; this long after the British left. Seventy years is plenty of time to make different arrangements if there was a desire to do so. Afterall, you were gifted the tools.

Paul Braham

Sarthak, your culture had the caste system long before any European got to India. It is endemic in Hinduism and started as a way of ensuring that the different trades kept their place. Unfortunately, over the centuries it became distorted and perverted like many other old customs, such as dowries in marriage. And with a ridiculous fundamentalist Hindu government in power it will only get worse.

Govind Melitte

A fundamentalist right wing government that wants to entirely uproot caste system and any semblance of it entirely from this nation you mean. Blame the liberals for the continual existence of caste in any shape. They love to hold on to it for the welfare schemes attached to it.

Pradeep Choudhary

Fundamentalist Hindu govt lol? What are you smoking these days? You want India to have govt like yours? with May, or Labour party? who can’t even leave the EU when they want to? Can’t even stop immigration, can’t stop grooming gangs, terrorist attacks, arrest nationalist person like Tommy Robinson, etc etc. The thing is, The govt in the center right now is a lot better than Britain could ever get. Know about Reservation and ST/SC laws, when you talk about the caste system, or you just sound another ignorant white person from west to most of the Indians. But neh… Read more »


From the Indian Times:
“Nuclear submarine was damaged after water entered its propulsion chamber Indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant has suffered major damage due to ”human error” and has not sailed now for more than 10 months, say sources in the Navy. Arihant is the most important platform within India’s nuclear triad covering land-air-sea modes. Arihant’s propulsion compartment was damaged after water entered it, according to details available with The Hindu. A naval source said water rushed in as a hatch on the rear side was left open by mistake while it was at harbour.”


Sorry must learn to proof read, it was from the Hindu.
“Must be my Indian blood”

Asheed Pajeet

Designated Submarine Shitter

Bosses Notte

Has anyone considered the possibility of sabotage? Has the “sailor” who left the hatch open been identified? All modern submarines have warning systems to prevent submerging when the hull is compromised.

A Jai Singh

That’s an amazing thread of comments – ranging from poverty to third world capability, the Russians etc etc. Firstly, this is a media report and in the case of SSBNs it is unlikely that the media would have access to the actual facts and so 2+2 makes 22. I am glad somebody commented on the Astute programme – imagine a nuclear submarine going to see with outdated charts or for that matter a nuclear submarine colliding with another one at sea and of course the numerous other incidents that have occured at various times and this is a navy which… Read more »

Akbar Ali

Don’t bark against Pakistan, you ugly Indians. Keep your holes closed so nothing will enter your asses. Now stop barking at Pakistan.

Zoeed Arshad

“Pakistan is almost a failed rogue state” ?
Must be the “almost” that made IAF crap their pants and flee the recent dog fight ?

This comedy is about Indian Naval blunders, keep it to yourself, thank you!


It’s really not a humiliation. Having just finished serving on a US submarine it’s easy to see how something like this can happen. These machines are incredibly complicated and when the crew is tired mistakes can be made, deadly ones. The system needs to be simple and two party; that’s how the US has stopped things like this from happening on their own subs. Two party independent checks of vital ship safety equipment before leaving port. We go through each system on a procedural list and verify each valve, switch and hatch twice. The process take about two days for… Read more »

Pradeep Choudhary

Shhh, don’t talk now, otherwise how else some of the knowledgable people here will get the chance to hate on Indians? Because you see they haven’t done blunders, and so super perfect, almost god-like lol


And this third world shithole has nukes….money doesn’t bring intelligence with itself

Pradeep Choudhary

True, that why most of the brits are dumb, and instead Indians are taking over their jobs? Made nukes, and everything just after gaining Independence. So dumb indeed.

charles mountbatten

Close hatches,this is no drill.


With that kind of money they could have put a toilet in every home in India

Pradeep Choudhary

True, we should just spend money on toilets(which there are 98% of) and what not, and completely leave our defenses unguarded. Because you see we live on a little island, with no rouge Islamic country and a communists country as neighbors who are always trying to find a way to harm us. Completely makes sense, we should just drop it, and instead focus on things you mentioned, since toilets will keep us secured right?

That’s what happens when you’ve to talk about India but doesn’t know shit about its surroundings, or situation.


There are many ships of UK caught in fire , other technical glitches happened and you guys are too much concerned about india.


School boy (girl) error


Typical, India, that is all.

Berighteous Forever

Utter disappointment to hear a news article like this from an unpretentious country and its elite Navy. There are always lessons to be learnt w.r.t Safety with almost any country in the world. I’m sure a country like India will overcome this issue with ease. The disparaging comments of few shouldn’t be taken to heart. The trouble with few nations unlike India is that they are proud and prejudiced to claim they have the best navy, army or air force and ultimately Suffer to maintain their Reputation and end up asking for favours from France or America to run their… Read more »

Leigh dawes

Oh dear, after what could have been a well spoken comment quickly degenerated into blame Britain for all your issues! You know eventualy you do have to take responsibility for yourselves and stop blaming UK PLC, oh and you really should know your own history, as the Caste system was already in situ well before the east India Company turned up.

David Flandry

Yes, Britain crippled you so much you now have a GNP about to overtake the UK. You were left with the makings of a modern educational system, legal system, military force, science and technology structure, and so on. Indians have spread to the UK, US, Australia, Europe. You came out pretty well under the Raj.

Pradeep Choudhary

I’m sure most of the Indians don’t think like that. You didn’t leave anything, in fact, the only reason why you guys brought rail was to make the looting process efficient, to ship the resources to the dock quickly and quick mobilization of force to kill more natives somewhere else. the story is the same more or less with other things that the British brought here. When will your education system tell you about the genocides your ancestors have done and used our troops to fight your wars?


Why do people are so jealous about India?? Our defense budget is only 1.52% of our GDP.. Lower than the time of first India China conflict.. We have to build our defense Force to protect Indian Ocean from imperial china..and for your information UK defense forces are great friends of india

Jason McKell

Sarthak Das – how do you launch without a reactor?? This must be a parody comment. Please let it be. Otherwise, it means the really stupid are finally learning to type. Incredible comment.


Launching a ship merely refers to putting it in the water for the first time. No ship at the time of launching is completely ready to get underway, and many essential parts have not been completely assembled yet.

[…] too long ago, an Indian nuclear submarine was left crippled after a hatch was left […]


even a cheap car has a door open warning indicator. stories I hear about the way in which their surface fleets cable trays get rats eating through the insulation etc. I lived there once I am not surprised.

Your Mom

That’s gonna cost a whole lot of iTunes gift cards….


For a defense industry blog, you could at least get the picture correct. That is a Kilo class SS.

Arvind Poothia

It appears many comments have been made by armchiar experts who have no idea which is front and stern of submarine except the propellers are at rear end. You cant launch a submarine without large machinery which has to be shipped side ways or from top when the hull is still open . No one can launch ANY ship, leave aside sub marine, which is not complete in its hull and therefore main machinery,power plant, must have been shipped and bolted down. Also launching does not mean sea readiness. Fitting out of equipment, sensors, communications, accommodations etc are fitted out,inspected… Read more »

Suhail Khan

i am indian and let me tell you, being indian is actually a great thing. we have beautiful people and we have ugly people. just like any race. I for 1 am a great person, have great friends, and i take care of every one that is in my life and i am glad to do it, and for that i have people that love me around me. also, indian parents are one of the best parents you can have. sometimes they can be really strict, but they will take care of you no matter what, and they will buy… Read more »


Nice to see that the Indians crowd the roof of their subs as well as their trains. Old habits die hard……

Harry R

Page 1 in the use and operation of you new submarine. Please close all hatches, doors and windows BEFORE submerging.


I am not a submariner…..but even I know that on western subs, there are indicators to show that all hatches are closed (a straight board, I believe it is called)…and IIRC they pressurize the spaces slightly to confirm that the doors are closed. If Russian crap doesn’t have this basic feature, then the Indians got what they paid for… And the issue is not launching the boat without all it’s pieces…it’s about trying to submerge the boat, with the doors open. Kind of like the joke about screened hatches…. That is not at all professional. Sorry, Indians, but seems pretty… Read more »

Hilarious Harry

1. The cost of alarms and lighting was high.
2. Someone stole the damn light
3. The 2.9B dollar has turned into a paperweight

Tim Heydon

It’s the low mean IQ levels in the sub -Continent `(82; White British 100). The Brahmins are bright, but the others aren’t .

Bradley Branch

kind of hard to believe this happened in a world of safety warnings, Someone on comm missed the hatched open warning light!

John Schweitzer

Ha ha. That’s like a donkey punch to the grundle.

Najaf agha

May be its name is ”Nuclear submarine ” and its engines are not nuclear why don’t they name it Abhinandan (the famous Indian pilot captured by Pakistani people and rescued by Pak Army

Hilarious Harry

Forgot to close the hatch after someone farted from eating a beans meal⁉️