BAE to provide Electronic Warfare suite for US Special Operations Command AC/MC-130Js

The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has selected BAE Systems to provide new electronic warfare systems for its fleet of AC/MC-130J aircraft.

F-35As, F-35Bs come together for Exercise Red Flag

This iteration of Red Flag is the first to have both the F-35A and F-35B aircraft.

THAAD successfully intercepts target in missile defence test

The US Missile Defense Agency conducted an intercept test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) element of the US ballistic missile defence system.

Mattis and Fallon meet to discuss shared British and American security interests

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis met with British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon at the Pentagon to discuss bilateral defence issues.

F-35B jets arrive at Nellis Air Force Base for Exercise Red Flag

F-35B jets with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 211 'Wake Island Avengers', 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, have arrived for Exercise Red Flag.

Northrop Grumman awarded MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo contract

The US Navy has awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation a $9.6 million contract to produce the Transducer Array/Nose Shell Assembly of the MK 48 heavyweight torpedo.

Trump Administration Travel Ban Comes Into Effect

The travel ban, which has been contested in federal courts across America, comes into effect after the US Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favour of it.

United States details coalition strikes hitting Islamic State in Syria, Iraq

US and coalition forces continued to attack Islamic State, conducting 19 strikes consisting of 63 engagements according to officials.

First operational US Air Force F-35A squadron receives final aircraft

The USAF 388th Fighter Wing has accepted its 23rd and 24th 'combat-coded' F-35A.

Block 5 MQ-9 Reaper debuts in combat

The latest version of the MQ-9 Reaper was successfully flown in combat in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.



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