HMS Portland departs for nine-month patrol

Frigate HMS Portland left Plymouth on a nine-month deployment to the Middle East and South Atlantic.

Prince Charles to visit HMS Prince of Wales

Local media has reported that the Prince of Wales will visit HMS Prince of Wales today in Rosyth.

HMS Diamond ready for action after operational sea trials

After months of intensive training and a six-week workout, HMS Diamond is ready for action. The Type 45 Destroyer reportedly received a 'very satisfactory' score...

HMS Defender visits Israel to deepen defence ties

HMS Defender has been welcomed to the Israeli port of Eilat by Israeli officials and the UK's Ambassador to Israel.

British frigate escorts Chinese warship through English Channel

HMS Somerset has met and escorted the Chinese warship Xiangtan as she passes through the English channel on her way to the North Sea.

HMS Dauntless temporarily reduced to harbour training ship

An engineering remedy is being worked on and HMS Dauntless will eventually return to operations, this however will not be for a few years.

RFA Lyme Bay takes over as Gulf mothership

RFA Lyme Bay has taken over the role of minehunter mother ship in Persian Gulf.

British frigate turns against NATO fleet

Frigate HMS Iron Duke is playing the role of an enemy warship to give a NATO fleet a realistic threat which it must try to counter in an exercise scenario.

Images show HMS Queen Elizabeth’s flight deck for first time

Images of the flight deck have been released by the Royal Navy showing the rapid progress of HMS Queen Elizabeth.
HMS Ocean

HMS Ocean arrives in BALTOPS exercise area

HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s flagship, has arrived in the operating area for the NATO BALTOPS exercise.



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