Citing the capability of the jet compared to the F-35B, the UK is to purchase 24 Harrier jets.

It is understood that the capability of the F-35B compared to capability of the Harrier jet was the driving factor behind this decision.

Speaking in an obscure website comment section, ‘Bring back the Harrier’ spokesman Terry-Bill Boar said:

“This is a welcome decision! While it is true that Harrier is slower and can carry much less than the F-35B, it offers much greater situational awareness than the suite of equipment on the F-35B. For example, flying slower gives the pilot more time to look out of the cockpit canopy and has a more personal touch than using a range of sensors.”

The Ministry of Defence said:

“The F-35B is far more capable than the Harrier and using them in combat would be incredibly unfair and a give a bad image of a new, fairer Global Britain. As a result, we have decided to ‘bring back the Harrier’ on a temporary basis.”

It is understood that the Royal Air Force will be trialling an innovative solution in order to find personnel for the new aircraft. I’m told that anyone who thinks the UK should have purchased more Harriers instead of the F-35B is eligible to fly, as no one else can be found to fly a relatively obsolete aircraft.

Congraulations and thank you for reading the whole article, this is just an April Fools Day joke. The article above is not true and if anyone is sharing this after the 1st of April, please do remind them of that fact. The purpose of this article, aside from our usual April Fools day joke, is to make the point that reading beyond the headline should be the norm every day, not just on the 1st of April. There’s a large volume of misinformation online, make sure you don’t add to it by sharing articles without reading them. Finally, be careful of the person sharing this article after the 1st of April as they very clearly don’t read what they share.

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Another April 1 cracker ! Do feel free to donate these to our poorly underfunded RNZAF. I’d be thrilled to see a combat arm added back to the air force.


I looked this up I was so shocked you don’t have any combat aircraft! Really incredible for a relatively rich country.


TW don’t get me started- utterly embarrassing to me as an ex Air force type


Agree Klonkie. Five million people and an area the size of the UK, the Kiwis should have at least one squadron of fast jets

Geoffrey Roach

ho ho ho …sorry that’s Christmas isn’t it.Pound to a penny, somebody says it should be 36!.

John Clark

I’ve downloaded the Marina Militare app
(great fun by the way) on my phone and can recover my Harrier to the ship most of time, mainly in slamming it down onto the deck, white knuckle style of flying!

I’ve made a start on the handle bar mustache, so where do I sign….

Sean Crowley

Yes Yes i heard about this along with the Ministry of Defense siphon of the Foreign Aid Budget to pay commentators on UK Defense Journal a retainer of up to several thousand pounds per comment due to the invaluable advice that has until now being offered up to them free . There are exceptions though , that other guy calling himself Sean is omitted due to the flaccidity of his past contributions thus far , he is simply going to be ignored .

John Hartley

I would be happy with 50p & a bottle of Tizer.

The Artist Formerly Known as Los Pollos Chicken

Ah Tizer the poor mans IRN BRU …it’s a decent brew by the makers of IRN BRU made especially for the engerlandshire market ??? alas the Londinium residents were unable to handle the potency of the BRU owing to its infusion with GIRDERS hence a wee strength Tizer introduced for our pals in the south .true story that ???


John Hartley

Unpronounceable too!

John Hartley

They would look lovely in desert pink.

Ian L

Mister Editor

One is in fine form today
I solute you sir.

Ian L


ditto- nicely done

Daniele Mandelli

Seconded. Well done George!

Nigel Collins

Who left the afterburner on for more than 20 seconds! ?
comment image

Mr Bell

Excellent. Well done UKDJ


We Seriously miss a close combat aircraft, Typhoon and F35 are very high value aircraft, we need a lower cost well armed and armoured CAS aircraft..people would argue Reaper/Preadator can do that. It is unlikely even with the small defence pods being made for reaper, they could be used in contested airspace. Prove me wrong…please!


Anyone who didnt secretly want this to be true is heartless! Whilst were at it lets bring nack the sea king… I love seeing them flying round dorset!