The visit by HMS Montrose is the first time this century that a British warship has visited the island.

According to the Royal Navy, the frigate arrived at the island – 2,500 miles off the west coast of South America – on Boxing Day as she continues her voyage ‘the wrong way around the world’ from Plymouth to Bahrain.

“After a high-profile visit to Chile, which saw sailors join Princess Anne in 200th birthday celebrations of the South American nation’s navy, Montrose headed out into the Pacific bound for New Zealand via Easter Island.”

The Type 23 Frigate is on her way to be forward-deployed in the Middle East. According to the Royal Navy, the vessel will be based in the region for more than three years, although her ship’s company will rotate to the vessel and home again beginning in Spring 2019.

“This forward-deployment serves two purposes – to demonstrate the UK’s commitment to maritime security in the Gulf while also ensuring those on board can enjoy more stability in their home lives.”

In a release, the Royal Navy say that Montrose will deploy for ‘defence engagement activity’ and maritime security operations prior to arriving at the newly-opened UK Naval Support Facility in Bahrain.


  1. I hope Hms Montrose visits the only British islands in the South Pacific region them being Pitcairn Islands and gives them support and some help, maybe could take them supply’s ect. Or is there still a ship that travels from New Zealand to supply the islands, I know other UK over seas territory’s have dedicated ships for that duty. Anyway good luck Hms Montrose on your journey the wrong way around the globe, God speed.

    • A Royal Navy or RFA ship visits Tristan at least once a year Helions and I am sure they would do St Helena at the same time> I share your sentiments about St helena and have the flight from Joburg on my bucket list!

      • Also that it’s used about once a week or so? Restricted to a certain sized aircraft as well. Geoff, I’ve always wanted to climb that set of stairs on the island known as “Jacob’s Ladder”. What a view!


    • Looks like a great place to visit, i would love to visit every British overseas territory, from the Caribbean to the south Pacific then Indian Ocean to Cyprus then Gibraltar then Falklands then to Antarctica. Would be amazing and first thing I would do if I won the lottery but I only win the odd £30! That might pay my Internet for a month so I can look up these amazing places though.

      Technically speaking the sun still doesn’t set on the British empire aka territory’s does it??

  2. Thanks captain! Also in Chile, the USN is trying out this concept, which, also looks like something that may be an idea for the RN. It would fit well into the existing force structure to deploy combat power in areas of the UK/s interests. An Albion, a Bay, a T45, and a T23 / 26 with a full load of RM Commando and organic aviation and landing assets would be a formidable force…


    • HMS Lancaster in 2015. Personally I never Visited there but always wanted to and Pitcairn too. Apparently the Residents are very Related to Mr Christian.

      • Thank you sir. I read the Pitcairners are willing to stake folks with a home and land if they would just MOVE there. I thin k they’re down to ~ 25? full time residents. If I were younger I might just consider it…

        Also on the subject of new RN bases.

        I don’t think that an Astute would be full time based at such a facility though. Another T23 in lieu of decommissioning?


          • It’s pretty isolated to say the least. Also, with the unsavory revelations of the actions of some of the islanders previously I would understand why people would be less than willing to move there. No air facility and docking / mooring is said to be very difficult due to lack of anchorage.

            It would be an adventure though.


    • Helions,

      As you point out at the end, we would require 3 ships (thus much more cost and resource) rather than 2 as the US envisage because the T45 has absolutely no offensive capability due to Gordon Brown choosing to spend all the money on trying to buy votes.

      • I had to take the T45’s lack of offensive punch into consideration when proposing the idea Derek. Perhaps a T26 could cover the bases when deployed for both AS and AW for the group- adding a T31 for screening would be an idea as well. I’m just amazed that a ship class such as the T45 has so little offensive punch. Adding the strike length VLS to them would do wonders to address that unfortunate situation.


    • Good luck to your cousin being “on her”. ( I wish there was some sort of icon/emoji stuff here, truth be known ).

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    • Christ, I just got It, Iwankalot, lol, You ain’t Russian are you ? Thanks mate, You made me Cry with Laughter for the past few days, lol.

  4. My wife’s grandad was there just after Korea, with a pic of him next to one of the heads. One of my all time bucket list places


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