United States promise Kunduz Airstrike answers

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has promised a full investigation into whether a US aircraft was responsible for destroying hospital in Afghanistan.

China have NOT sent an aircraft carrier to Syria

A Chinese naval expert has dismissed reports that the country is sending an aircraft carrier to Syria to assist in the fight against Islamic State.

British forces take part in largest NATO exercise for decades

The UK and other NATO states will commit 140 aircraft, more than 60 ships and around 36,000 international troops.

NATO Hospital Bombing “Possibly Criminal”

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has described the Kunduz Hospital Bombing as "inexcusable, Possibly Criminal"

BAE win contract to upgrade F-15 electronic warfare capability

BAE Systems are to replace the electronic warfare suite for the US F-15 fleet.

Russia in fresh round of airstrikes in Syria

Russian aircraft have bombed five more Islamic State targets in Syria, according to the Russian defence ministry.

Russia building Arctic air defence base

Russia has sent deployed vessels to an Arctic region where new naval facilities are being built, including an air defence base on Sredniy Island.

Australia successfully refuels F-35’s

The Royal Australian Air Force has reached milestone in the development of the F-35A with a successful aerial refuelling of a F-35A Joint Strike Fighter.

Upgraded J-31 to hit export market in 5 years

China has unveiled an updated version of the J-31 "Gyrfalcon" fighter jet which is expected to be marketed internationally within the next five years.

F-35C to be tested on USS Dwight D Eisenhower next month

The second developmental test phase of the F-35C will begin on October 5th, the first developmental test was conducted in November 2014 on the USS Nimitz.



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