Israel deploys soldiers to its cities to stop attacks

The Israeli government have ordered the deployment of hundreds of soldiers to cities to combat a rise in stabbing attacks.

US and Russia in air safety talks after ‘near miss’

The United States and Russia are to hold air safety talks after it emerged combat aircraft from both nations came within miles of each other at the weekend.

Iranian ballistic missile may have breached resolution

The White House said there are "strong indications" that Iran's test of a new ballistic missile has violated a UN Security Council resolution.

MH17 report released

The Dutch have published a report on the fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, the report found that the aircraft was shot down by a Buk missile.

Airlines warned about Russian missile flightpaths

Airlines have been warned that flights over parts of the Middle East may be in danger from Russian missile flight paths.

UK gifts Jordan equipment to counter Islamic State

The United Kingdom is to supply equipment to the Jordanian Armed Forces to help them counter Islamic State.

French jets strike Islamic State

French aircraft carried out a second wave of strikes overnight against Islamic State targets in Syria. The strike aircraft were launched from the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, a medium sized aircraft carrier and France's only carrier. French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said today: "Two Rafale jets dropped bombs on an IS training camp. The objectives were accomplished." Introduced in...

Russian missiles hit Iran

Four Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea fell short of their targets in Syria and crash landed in a rural part of Iran.

Polish F-16 Strikes Drone

A Polish F-16 has collided with a civilian drone, underlining concerns many aviators have with the growing popularity of the unlicensed and uncontrolled aerial vehicles. Damage sustained by the aircraft was only discovered when engineers conducted post-flight checks. The Fighting Falcon suffered mostly cosmetic damage, with scratching to the fuel tanks protective coating. However, Unit Colonel Rafał Zadęcki believed the incident could have been...

Russian violation of Turkish airspace “no accident” say Nato

NATO has rejected Moscow's explanation that its aircraft had violated alliance member Turkey's air space by mistake.



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