Amnesty International discover cluster bomb usage in Yemen

A banned, British-made cluster bomb was used by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Amnesty International have claimed that a banned, British made cluster bomb has been used by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, warning that civilians returning home risked injury and death from unexploded bomblets, the small munitions contained within cluster bombs. Amnesty said this was the first confirmed use of a...

Islamic State destroy aircraft at Russian base

Satellite imagery reveals extensive damage to a strategically significant airbase in central Syria used by Russian forces after an attack by Islamic State.

Battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy leaves port for first time in years

The flagship of Russia’s Northern Fleet, the heavy nuclear powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky, has gone to sea for the first time in two years.

Air strike on refugee camp in Syria kills 28


At least 28 people are reported to have been killed in an air strike on a refugee camp in rebel-held northern Syria, monitors say.

NATO warships flock to Scotland for Joint Warrior

American, Canadian and other allied warships have left their home-ports to take part in the Joint Warrior exercise off Scotland next month.

UK and Lebanon discuss tackling Islamic State

Michael Fallon has met with Lebanese Minister of Defence Samir Mokbel in London as Lebanon plays a role in the counter-Islamic State coalition.

EgyptAir hijack comes to an end

Reuters are quoting Cyprus reports that the alleged EgyptAir hijacker has emerged from the plane with his hands held up.

Israeli Air Force scrambles jets after EgyptAir hijacking

The Israeli jets were deployed to protect Israel's air space.

Iraqi ‘troops’ ask for vote on IS captive’s fate

A group of Iraqi soldiers have asked 80,000 of their Instagram followers to decide if captive caught near Mosul lives or dies.

UAE combat aircraft missing after mission in Yemen

The United Arab Emirates has said that one of its aircraft taking part in a mission against Houthi rebels in Yemen is missing.



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