French offered use of British air base on Cyprus

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that Britain is going to let France use its RAF base, RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for bombing raids against Islamic State in Syria. RAF Akrotiri is a large Royal Air Force station. It is located in the Western Sovereign Base Area, one of two areas which comprise Akrotiri and Dhekelia, a British Overseas Territory,...

US Marines say F-35 could deploy to Middle East

The US Marine Corps said they are capable of deploying their F-35B's to the Middle East for combat, if necessary.

UK provides further support to Ukrainian Armed Forces

The UK will provide nearly £1 million worth of equipment to the Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF) to support them through the colder months.

Iraq seizes Canadian Forces aircraft

Iraqi officials temporarily seized a military aircraft carrying weapons for Canadian special forces in Kurdistan.

South Korea purchase additional Harpoon missiles

The US government have approved the sale of submarine-launched Harpoon missiles and associated equipment to South Korea.

Scrapping F-35 plans not likely to offer savings for Canada

Experts are sceptical that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will generate any savings from scrapping Canada's F-35 purchase plan.

US donating two ships to the Philippines

US President Barack Obama says the US will transfer two ships to the Philippines to boost maritime security for the South-East Asian nation.

Turkey cancels missile deal with China

Turkey has cancelled a deal with China to build its first anti-missile system, electing to build its own.

Cameron to urge Putin to focus on Islamic State

Almost 80 percent of Russia’s targets in Syria have been in areas not held by Islamic State.

France pound Islamic State

French jets launched their biggest raid in Syria to date, targeting the Islamic State’s stronghold in Raqqa.



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