HMS Prince of Wales, the second of the Royal Navy’s two future flagships being built by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, was officially named today during a ceremony in Rosyth, Scotland


  1. A good day for the RN. I just hope that we can improve pay scales so that we can retain the crews we need for PoW, QE and their escorts…

  2. Even with the challenges the RN faces having two of these makes a statement.

    Brilliant work!

    Let’s hope they act as a pull for more funding to meet those challenges…

  3. Proud to be British! Shame they chose the wrong person to do the launching! I don’t think it will go down well! With her zero popularity!

  4. So it’s been conveniently forgotten the last government very much wanted to scrap PoW… Oh well. Two is definitely better than one, so onward and upward!


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