Thailand orders Starstreak

Thales announced today at DSEI that it has signed a multi-million pound contract with DataGate in Thailand to supply the Royal Thai Army with the STARStreak

Russian Northern Fleet on exercise in the Barents Sea

Russian nuclear submarines and surface vessels from the Northern Fleet have been firing large salvos of missiles.

A strategic review of Japan’s military

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has recently been announcing that Japan will be reviewing its pacifist constitution that restricts its military.

First tests of air-launched BrahMos scheduled for November

India will carry out the first tests of its air launched BrahMos cruise missile in November. It is understood that the tests will be conducted from specially modified Su-30 aircraft. Four flight tests will be conducted over a period of six months before the missile is declared ready for deployment by India in 2016. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has modified two...

UAE may be able to target Iranian submarines at base

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) may be able to target Iranian Kilo class submarines at their home base. It has been reported by multiple sources that they have purchased vessels armed with the world's longest-range torpedo. IHS Janes reported that the German government had exported "floating platforms with torpedo-launching gear" to the UAE in 2014. It is widely believed that vessels...

UK to boost Pakistan’s counter-explosive capability

The UK will offer Pakistan a package worth nearly £1m to support essential counter-explosive equipment previously gifted to the country. In May, the UK finished providing a three-year counter-IED (C-IED) programme to help Pakistan develop an ability to tackle IEDs. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon visited Pakistan: "I'm pleased that we are able to offer this support package as our counter-IED work is...

Bangladesh to recieve Yak-130’s from Russia

Russia will deliver the first Yak-130 trainer aircraft to Bangladesh this week. The Yak-130 is reportedly able to replicate the characteristics of several fourth generation fighters and also perform light attack and reconnaissance duties. Bangladesh is the second foreign country beyond former Soviet states to order the Yak-130 combat trainer. Algeria had received 16 of the type before it. At first,...

Brazil purchase former French assault ship

The Brazilian Navy have confirmed the purchase of former French Navy Foudre class vessel Siroco. The ship will be renamed Bahia. The Foudre class carry large stowage areas which can be used to ferry battle tanks and vehicles, a 52-ton elevating platform, a lateral ramp and a flight deck able to simultaneously operate several helicopters. Three rotations of such ships can ferry...

Kuwait to purchase 28 Typhoons

Kuwait has purchased 28 Typhoon jets it has been announced. Kuwait had started discussions to buy up to 28 Eurofighters in May this year. The purchase is a government to government agreement between Kuwait and Italy. Italian firm Finmeccanica is believed to be behind the sales effort. Typhoon is manufactured by a consortium of three companies; Alenia Aermacchi, Airbus Group and...

Netherlands to expand bombing of Islamic State into Syria

The Dutch parliament has backed the Netherlands extending air strikes against Islamic State into Syria. Like the United Kingdom, the country was previously only participating in air strikes in Iraq. On the 24th September last year, the Dutch government decided to send F-16's to contribute to the international effort in Iraq. Dutch forces have been operating from Shaheed Mwaffaq Air...



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